The Forty Five Kings Collective is a homage to the 45 and is not meant to be confused with the original and great ’45 King’ who we admire immensely.

Founded in June 2019 by Mr Lob from Australia and Fatwax45 from the UK, the idea is to share our deep love of 45s culture.

Since June 2019 we have grown to over 600 Members on Facebook, released 100 strictly 45s mixtapes to our Mixcloud page and hosted a multitude of Live Stream Dj Sets  including our ‘24 Hour Live Stream Special‘ featuring 24 Djs from all around the world, a 12 Hour German Dj Special, the 45 Queens and 45 Kids live stream shows, as well as the weekly Coffee & Donuts show and the monthly Reggae Fire Show amongst so many others, all on our Twitch Channel.

We have featured some of the world’s biggest 45s djs, turntablists and collectors on our streams such as Marc Hype, Dj Robert Smith, Dj Misbehaviour, Dom Search from The Nextmen, Chrome, Dj Mathmatics, Naughty NMX and Fonki Chef amongst so many other great djs from all around the world.

This website was created by Dj Mr Lob & Dj DCow in 2020 to highlight the achievements of our members and let people know what we are doing and to help promote releases, events and member activities.

You can check out all the Stream videos on our Videos page!

We also release 45s Mixes to our Mixcloud & Hearthis pages featuring a Guest Member on a regular basis.

We also have a range of Merchandise that is available right now!

We aim to keep bringing you great content, as well as interviews and a blog!

Thanks for your time.

The Forty Five Kings

Website Host

Mr Lob

Mr Lob is the main man behind the Forty Five Kings having taken it from a concept to a membership of 600+.
Mr Lob is involved in all aspects of what the Forty Five Kings, from releasing member mixes, to writing reviews, doing interviews, writing the website content and running the groups YouTube, Mixcloud and Instagram social media platforms .

Mr Lob loves all things 45 related and is never happier than when throwing down a 45’s set!