The Forty Five Kings are a collective of Djs, Record Labels, Record Collectors and Record Resellers whose mission is to spread the word about the greatest musical format in the world, the 45!

Started 12 months ago by Dj Mr Lob from Australia with Dj Marky Newby from the UK, the idea is to share our deep love of 45s culture.

In the last 12 months we have grown to over 500 Members on Facebook, released over 40 strictly 45s mixtapes to our Mixcloud page and hosted both a 24 Hour Live Stream featuring 24 Djs from all around the world and a 12 Hour German Dj Special on our page. You can check out all the Stream videos on our Videos page!

We have a weekly Saturday Live Stream Show hosted by Dj Mr Lob and 25THC on Twitch and monthly extended Live Streams that are well worth checking out and following our Twitch page for.

We also release a weekly all 45s Mix to our Mixcloud page featuring a Guest Member every week.

We also have a range of Merchandise such as Tshirts, Stickers and Slipmats which we produce every now and again that is worth watching out for on our Instagram page for as they are Strictly Limited!

We aim to keep bringing you great content, as well as interviews and a blog!

Thanks for your time.

The Forty Five Kings


Mr Lob

Mr Lob

Ideas Man

Mr Lob is the main man behind the Forty Five Kings having taken it from a concept to a membership of 600+.
Mr Lob is involved in all aspects of what the Forty Five Kings do and hosts a weekly live stream every Saturday with 25THC, Fatwax45 and a weekly special guest. Mr Lob loves all things 45 related and is never happier than when throwing down a 45’s set



Spiritual Guide

Fatwax45 is the Co-Founder of the Forty Five Kings and has been working with Mr Lob from day one and has been a valuable mentor and co-administrator on all things related to the Forty Five Kings. Marky also produces and distributes all of the Forty Five Kings merchandise.
Marky is also a huge fan of 45’s and loves nothing more to throw down dope sets and is Co-Host of the Weekly Saturday Live Stream show with Mr Lob & 25THC.



Live Stream King

Criztoz aka 25ThC – creator of 45 Day and DJ with Original 45ers – is a moderator of the Forty FIve Kings Group and in charge of running the Live Streams. He is addicted to playing and collecting 45s and loves being part of a great community of 45’s DJ’s, artists, record label owners and collectors.



Technical Consultant

D-Cow is responsible for the technical guides for live streaming, website development, OBS setup support and likes to drop some 45’s on a live stream now and again