The Review: Shake Your Rump!

22 May 2023

So Damn Hot/Rumpshaker Vol. 1 (7”) – RR004 released 24 May 2023

I know I sound like a broken record at times or a 45 that skips back to the same repeated section when it hits a scratch, but I don’t care and I’m going to say it again, it’s a real honour when I get approached to do a review and is an absolute pleasure to do it for a fellow Forty Five Kings Collective member and a label that I have come to love more and more with each release.

The label I’m talking about of course is Regulate Recordings, who over their previous 3 releases have brought the funk to our record crates and dance floors.

Known for their old school samples, their production and focus on dance floor friendly sounds, the label has carved out a place in the small and niche 45s scene with 3 slamming 45s, that never leave my bag.

This new release by Regulate Recordings once again features the incredible talent that is Dj Deviant, alongside the funk master T2 Funk and a new name to me STET!

Regulate Recordings have also been kind enough to send me a Test Press to review and hear in its full glory, as well as throw down at my gigs and the reception to it has been great with people actually coming up to me and asking what track it is!

The first review 45 review I ever wrote was for Regulate Recordings first release and I have now had the opportunity to review all 4 releases on the label so far, so delve in for the goodness…

The Review

Side 1: So Damn Hot – Dj Deviant / T2Funk / STET

This shit is so damn hot, I was sweating within the first 10 seconds and then that vocal screech and bass kicks in and I’m up on my feet, getting further down than the London Underground!!

I think the term ‘banger’ is applied very loosely these days, but if you want to know the true definition of what a banger is, drop this on your turntable and turn that volume up full blast.

Remember ‘the party ain’t started till the speaker’s blown’ and if any phat bassline was going to pop your tweeters this is the one!

As we’ve come to know with all Regulate Recordings releases, this is going to be a boom bap, cut n paste, old school party vibe track aimed squarely at the 45s djs who like to bring the party old school stylee.

Whether you cut, blend, juggle and/or play it thru till the end, this track is going to bring some fire to your dance floor or create one instantly.

It’s a big big tune and bangs straight from the start, it’s message is clear, this is a party anthem for the breakers, party shakers and dj party makers.

As usual with a Regulate Recordings release, I can hear so many funky samples that are put together with real mastery, they flow like a dj set and this for me is part of what makes the tracks the label releases just so dope.

Everyone who reads my reviews knows I think Edits are great if they bring something new to a familiar set of sounds and makes you want to add them to your party bag and this is another example of that happening.

This is another well produced, classic sounding track that you’ve never heard before!

Order directly from Regulate Recordings or in Australia/NZ/ Pacific from Dr Diggins

Side 2: Rumpshaker – Dj Deviant

Dj Deviant brings more fire to Regulate Recordings with this homage to the Beastie Boys, KRS1, Party Rockers, BBoys & BGirls, Reggae/Hip Hop Mashups, Call & Response Hip Hop and just those who like to wave their arms in the air like they just don’t care!

Dj Deviant keeps the party that started on Side A moving with this absolute ‘banger’ that is going to get the crowd sweaty and baying for him to play it one more time, because you know when it’s nice, you should play it twice!!

Dj Deviant’s production and approach kind of reminds me of earlier warehouse parties, where big beat and breakbeat and more electronic sounds were creeping into hip hop and rocking dance floors.

I mean this track would not have been out of place on Fatboy Slim’s ‘Big Beat Boutique’ or a A.Skills live set and for me this is what makes this a ‘timeless’ release in so many ways.

For me I love tracks that pay respect to and hark back to earlier times and contain all of the elements that appeal to a Friday evening ‘older’ bar crowd but can still rock a big late night dance floor, outdoor festival stage or those getting home from the party, who still need the beats tight for the after party at home!

As always the production is super tight, with nice and loud mastering and great value for money as you get a dope double sided 45 that will appeal to many.

I’m told preorders for this release are selling faster than tickets to an Ed Sheeran concert and for me this can only be a good thing!

That says to me you need to get on and order this right now, because pressings are always limited for 45s and with fire like this in your party bag, you’re going to be booked more than that red headed bloke I mentioned above!!

Order directly from Regulate Recordings or in Australia/NZ/ Pacific from Dr Diggins


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