The Forty Five Kings are proud to present Shan Frenzie.

Host of the long running and legendary ‘Groove Therapy’ Radio Show out of Sydney, Australia and Co-Host of ‘The Low End Theory’ Radio Show with Dj Obliveus, Shan has been throwing down as a Dj and Presenter for a very long time and has carved out a name for himself as one of Australia’s best DJs and music connoisseurs.

Shan says this about his mix:

‘DJ Shan takes a far out trip to wowsville in the Doom Buggy, with a bag full of surf city freak beats, tiki-a-go-go, and vintage power pop 45s. Dig it daddy-o!’

That exactly sums up how we feel about this mix and I know for sure you’re gonna dig it.

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The Forty Five Kings