Gu started DJing as a pre-teen in the late 80s and has been on the hunt for vinyl ever since.

Since 2009 Gu has produced a weekly radio show ‘Home Diggin’ and alongside his brother he runs Our Label Records and Origu, both labels releasing 45s.

Gu also, does some writing and composing of music.

From 2008 until about 2016 Gu had regular club night going called ‘Juke Joint Music’.

It was after his pal Keb Darge had introduced him to the world of Jump Blues and Rockabilly 45s.

Gu Says:

“I was in London regularly, DJing at Keb’s ‘Deep Funk’ nights (every Friday) and sometimes stayed around for the Saturday night’s ‘Lost & Found’, where it was all about the 50s, Exotica and some Northern Soul. 

That would got me excited about these genres that I had not really explored before.

That all led to a European Tour with Keb in 2013, hitting 16 cities in seven countries in six weeks.

For this mix I returned to these boxes. 

The boxes with the original pressings for this one…