The Forty Five Kings Collective Present Triple D!!!

12 April 2024

Welcome to the 3rd member mix by one of our favourite djs and people, Triple D!!

We are so happy to be present this mix as Triple D has been one of our core members since the we started and one of the biggest supporters of what we do.

He also owns more of our Merchandise than anyone else and these purchases help keep this website going and make us proud that we have such a great guy representing our crew and what we do.

Triple D has this to say about his mix:

Greetings Collective!

My name is Triple D aka Major Triple.

I’m a reggae & hiphop dj  & record collector based in Berlin, Germany & I have been a member of the Forty Five Kings Collective since 2019.

This mix is a little special for me, as this is the first mix , I recorded in my new flat.

This mix features Reggae 45s from all around the globe, so from Jamaica, but also Japan, Australia, France, Germany & England.

As I love a good dub, you can hear the vocal cut & dub version of most of the tunes in this mix.

If you have any questions about the 45s, feel free to contact me.

I hope, you have fun with it, like I had fun doing it!

This mix will bring sunshine to your day wherever you are and we encourage you to share it wide with pride!

Likes, Comments, Reposts, Shares and Tips are most welcome!

I was also lucky enough to meet Triple D when I was in Berlin with my family in September 2023 and he was kind enough to meet us at the airport and guide us to our hotel and show us around Berlin with Dj Robert Smith and Stinoe joining us. We has an amazing time made all the more special because Triple D made it possible.

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