The Forty Five Kings Collective Present Meekron!!!

28 June 2024

Meekron is a DJ from Puglia in Italy and has this to say about himself and his mix:

“I’m almost 40, I have a wife, an apartment with a room filled with 3000 thousand vinyl records and a beautiful nephew who already has destroyed a (nearly broken) PT01 portable turntable of mine. I collect records, I love records, I play records.

My mixes are not flawless, but I reckon they have the kind of energy and vibe that allows the listeners to understand my deep love for music.

I constantly look for songs I don’t know, pieces I don’t own to try and find the perfect beat. I still haven’t found it but I’m on the hunt, I’ll keep you posted on it.

What I play?

Well, I usually prefer hiphop, funk, disco and a bit of house…but I love music, just as long as it’s groovin’.

For this mix I selected a few of my favorite Italian tunes, some from the 80s and some more recent: we are lazy Italians but we know how to make it. Enjoy it!” If you dig the mix give our channel a Subscribe and the mix a like and share and find Meekron on his own YouTube and Mixcloud Channels. Thanks for your time and support!

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Mix Setlist:

  1. Marcella Bella – Nell’Aria
  2. Ricchi e Poveri – Malinteso
  3. Loredana Bertè – In Alto Mare
  4. Tony Esposito – Kalimba De Luna
  5. Ladri Di Biciclette – Dr. Jazz & Mr. Funk
  6. Pino d’Angiò – Ma Quale Idea
  7. Savana Funk & Gaudì – Raha Maria Bazar Ti Sento
  8. Go.Soul.Map – Pushing
  9. Nu Genea – Marechià
  10. Alex Fernet – Phantom Of The Club
  11. Funkool Orchestra – Maledetta Discoteca
  12. Ornella Vanoni – Ti Voglio
  13. Azoto – San Salvador
  14. Adriano Pappalardo – Hi-Fi
  15. Luca d’Ammonio – Oh Caron

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