The Forty Five Kings Collective Present Malong!!!

16 February 2024

The Forty Five Kings Collective Present Malong for our 110th Member Mix!!!

Malong is from Panama and is part of the Asymetrics.

The focus of this mix is on Funk, Soul & R&B infused tunes recorded in Panama in the mid 60s-70s.

Malong has this to say about his mix:

‘Some are local compositions, sometimes with a hint of Caribbean or Latin flavor and some are straight up covers or adaptations from artists like James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Cymande, Gene Chandler, Nicola Bari & Mighty Sparrow.

Recorded live at “El Cangrejo Radio”, a new spot in Panama City which serves as a bar/club/radio station and is ran by my partner Kamarita and a few other good friends!

It’s a very simple selection, as I was keen on enjoying the tunes and listening. I threw in a couple of amazing represses but many of the tunes are OG and hard to find, and often were found in seriously dusty crates so apologies for the crackles LOL !

I’m just glad I managed to find these gems here, including plenty that are fabulous but still under the radar.’

Malongs Other Contributions to The Forty Five Kings Collective

Malong also did a member mix for us alongside his dj partner Lord Sandwich back in 2022 and it’s well worth checking out this great mix also if you dig what Malong is about:

Malong has also played on our Twitch Channel as part of a Panama special and his set is well worth checking out:

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