The Forty Five Kings Collective Present Dj K-Mo – 7″ Mix 2023

2 November 2023

Welcome to our first member mix of 2023 presented by Dj K-Mo out of Austria.

We are so pleased to be back presenting new Member Mixes, as it is where we first started and many members have been asking to submit mixes, so finally we’re doing it!

For this mix K-Mo wanted to include a lot of soultunes plus other tunes in the downtempo range, combined with a few classics with added jazz breeze!

We hope you enjoy it and if you do, follow, likes, resposts, shares and comments are most welcome.

You can listen to K-Mo Groove’s mix via YouTube also:

If you loved this mix, why not also check out K-Mo’s first member mix he did for us back in August 2023:

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Thanks for your time and get in contact if you would like us to host a mix for you!

Mr Lob – The Forty Five Kings