The Forty Five Kings Collective Present Dj Honey!!!!

15 March 2024

I am honoured to present the very first member mix from one of our favourite djs and people, Dj Honey!!

Dj Honey writes:

‘Let’s call this mix: Percussive Persuasion.’

‘It’s a nomadic journey of hypnotic rhythms, rousing beats and soulful sounds for those of us who like to shake our hips!’

I’ve been big fan for a long time of Dj Honey’s radio show, instagram, live stream sets and her incredible presence and I was lucky enough to play 2 gigs with her in Melbourne in 2023 when she was visiting and I absolutely adore this new Member Mix from her, as I know you will!

Even better we are doing a 6 hour set together on Sunday 21st April 2024 at the incredible Music Room Melbourne when Dj Honey returns to Melbourne for a brief visit!

Some background on Dj Honey:

A longtime lover of jazz and soul music and avid record collector, DJ Honey is the host of the regularly charting radio show Kiss! Kiss! Bang! Bang! on Soho Radio, with DJ experience spinning in Australia, UK, Europe, USA and Asia.

A soul sister through and through, now based in Asia, Honey plays all vinyl sets highlighting rule breakers and hip shakers of the miniskirt revolution of 50s through to 70s!

Thanks for your time, listen and support.

Mr Lob

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