The Forty Five Kings Collective Present Dj Fib!!!

15 June 2024

I am super proud to present the 3rd Member Mix by Dj Fib, out of Brisbane, Australia and he has this to say about his mix:

Harking back to the golden era of B-Boys and break dancing, this mix is defined by the sound of the streets of New York City between 1982 and 1985 with each track reflecting the unique style and vibe of this transformative period in music that ultimately broke out of that city and infected the entire world and still resonates with many of us to this day.

These songs capture the raw energy and creativity of a time when funk and disco were evolving into new sounds influenced by latin beats, boogie funk, Hip Hop DJ’s and MC’s blended with syncopated electro beats, drum machines and synthesizers all locked down tightly by sequencers to create brand new infectious grooves that inspired a worldwide movement.

There’s no better time to revisit or discover these iconic sounds and classic songs as we celebrate the 40th anniversaries of the classic B-Boy movies Beat Street and Breakin’ and with break dancing once again about to electrify the world with its debut as a competitive sport at next month’s Paris Olympics.

Grab some cardboard or linoleum, crank up the stereo and get ready to pop, lock and break to the B-Boy Electric Boogaloo Breaks that were the timeless anthems of Street Freaks blasting out of the portable ghetto blasters onto the sidewalks and public spaces of New York and the world.

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Mix Setlist:

  1. Electric B-Boy-Boogaloo Beats
  2. Jimmy Lewis and the L.A. Street Band – Street Freaks 1984
  3. Orbit feat Carol Hall – The Beat Goes On 1982
  4. TWILIGHT 22 – Electric Kingdom (Kingdom Version) 1983
  5. Dean Parham & Howard Stafford – Little Ms. Hip Pockets 1985
  6. Barbara Coleman – Boyfriend 1985
  7. Larrice – Bop ‘Till I Drop 1984
  8. Body Mechanic – Quadrant Six 1982
  9. Tony Paris – Electric Automation 1985
  10. Felix & Jarvis – All Night Long 1983
  11. Tease – Flash 1983
  12. Rockers Revenge – Living For the Weekend (Let’s Work) 1984
  13. Chilltown – Rock The Beat 1983
  14. The Rock Steady Crew – Hey You the Rock Steady Crew 1983
  15. Cortez – Tonight 1983
  16. Raymond Harris – 60/40 Love 1985
  17. Otis Clay – Love Bandit 1983
  18. Rock Squad – Facts of Life 1985
  19. Duke Bootee – Live Wire 1984
  20. E Nuri & People People – Waddaya Think 1983

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Dj Fib Bio…

DJ Fib is a pioneering Hip Hop DJ from Brisbane, Australia.

Captivated by Hip Hop’s global spread in the early 80’s, Fib was part of the first wave of Australia’s underground Hip Hop movement.

Passionate about the music and inspired by pioneer Hip Hop DJ’s and producers like DJ Jazzy Jeff & DJ Premier, he mastered DJing, scratching and mixing records as part of the renown Kings Getting Busy crew of DJs, breakers and graffiti artists and promoted the culture as part of the country’s longest running Hip Hop radio show Phat Tape.

Fib has made significant contributions to Aussie Hip Hop, producing and scratching on Queensland’s first Hip Hop release “Hempatitis,” with Geoff ‘Jigzaw’ Blunted as Blunted Stylus.

Fib continues to produce and collaborate on Hip Hop projects & events with recent releases with Piers One, Quro, 13th Son and Dave Dogg.

Fib has also contributing to Hip Hop publications creating written and audio/visual music content & artist interviews for Australia’s seminal underground graffiti/Hip Hop magazine Hype for over 30 years.

Fib continues to spin on radio and podcasts worldwide, blending thoughtful cross-genre mixes with OG turntable skills