Here is where you can find our merchandise that relates to ‘DJs & 45s’. Merch we make that are non 45 Kings labelled that are about dj and 45 culture.

All Prices are now showing in most local Major Currencies and are Inclusive of Local Sales Taxes and Payment Processing Fees.

Payments can now be made via PayPal/Credit Card and/or Apple Pay from a Mobile Device if you have Apple Pay Setup.

Please Note that items can take 1 – 4 weeks to arrive and multiple items in the same order may arrive at different times.

We Ship Worldwide and use a ‘Print On Demand’ service who will make and send you the item from the factory closest to you. Please be careful to double check your order to make sure you have the right size, colour and logo!

*Please note any issues with your order, you will need to Notify us within 4 weeks of ordering, after this we cannot seek a resolution from our supplier