Orders for the Brand New Members Only Recordings 45 are Now Open for Direct Orders!!!

28 May 2023

Hi All, I’m very proud to announce the next Members Only Recordings 45 is Now Available for Order exclusively from this website!!!

These will begin shipping 16 June 2023 and I ship worldwide via Dr Diggns!!!

There are just 170 copies available and they are already selling super fast with many reseller and record stores asking for copies also.

I’ve provided the best 7″ and shipping prices I can, and the more you order the cheaper the postage, so please get friends together and order directly to save money!

The idea for the label is for me to release music made and/or produced by members of the Forty Five Kings.

This release features Forty Five Kings members Gu from Our Label Records with Honka Ponka & Tom Showtime and I am super proud of this release.

I hope you all love it as much as I do and support it with purchases and sharing the links with your friends.

Any Record Stores want to stock any let me know.

Check the Review from the might Monkeyboxing.com Website!!

Thank you in advance for any orders.

DJ Mr Lob

Buy Single Copies:

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Buy Doubles of our first release MOR001 & and our new release MOR002 (10 Packs Only)

If you’d like copies of our very first label 45, ‘Make My 45 The P Funk, you can still pick up the last remaining copies available at the following amazing record shops!!

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Bumrush Vinyl Shop

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