Jaybreaks Nonstop, Geoff Blunted & Limestone Cowboy – The Australian Live Stream 5 September 2020 ExplicitE

7 September 2020

To say that we are overjoyed that these 3 are not only members of The Forty Five Kings but legends in the Australian Dj Scene and that to have someone of Geoff Blunted (Blunted Stylus, Resin Dogs) status stepping up and playing an incredible set straight after Jaybreaks Nonstop tore the roof off with an endless stream of you guessed it, non-stop breaks, was incredible. To see the depth of knowledge in Geoff’s collection and how he weaved it all together was for us magic. Then to have Limestone Cowboy play an uplifting, clean and fresh set that had everyone in the feed searching for and asking what he was playing was just the topping on this 3 hour extravaganza from Brisbane. Check it out, you will see what we mean!