‘It’s A 45 Thing’ Saturday 10 February 2024 Party Review!!!

23 February 2024

Well what a massive night that was, it’s taken most of us who played and attended the party this long to get over the pure joy and party vibes of the night.

This was our 10th party at Music Room Melbourne and our 12th party overall after parties last year in Perth, Western Australia and Bari, Italy!

These parties just go from strength to strength, with familiar faces returning to the room and dance floor each party and an incredible lineup of member djs putting their hand up to play and in some cases travelling vast distances just to come and experience what we do and share in the love of the 7″ vinyl format.

It’s also great that we are now streaming these parties live with a direct broadcast from Music Room Melbourne to our Twitch Channel with the support and funding from the venue to do it.

Although we are not watching it live or moderating a chat room, we are overjoyed to be broadcasting this party and want to say thank you to those that tune in for the music and vibes.

It’s also very rewarding that our member djs are willing to challenge themselves and play on the Music Room system which is beautiful and warm but the dj setup is not laid out in a way to benefit vinyl djs or for that matter 7″ vinyl djs. Without a doubt everyone who has played states that ‘while challenging to play on, they had an absolutely great time and enjoyed the room and pure challenge of smashing 45s to an audience up for a big night and great music.’

For this party we had the pleasure of having Jim Peas (WA) and The dL (SA) making their party debuts and both travelled big distances to come be part of it and both played incredibly great sets and we hope to have them both back again soon, especially as we have the parties booked at Music Room right through till December this year.

This party was extra special as we were celebrating the 50th birthday of my wife Audrey, so the room was pretty much packed from 6pm-3am!!

The party kicked off at 4pm with J.Diggns throwing down a great set of hip hop edits, remixes and tasty original grooves and really setting the party mood from the very beginning. J.Diggns has played at 4 our our parties now and has mastered the ergonomically challenging vinyl dj setup with skill and ease. He is also a great person to hang out with and loves the format as much as I do! Check out this set for pure funky goodness

Next up we had Jim Peas from Perth, Western Australia, who has driven over from Perth in his orange bus with his wife Sally and dog Charlie aboard and was parked across my front lawn in suburban Melbourne for a few days so he could play this gig. He played a super funky, finely mixed and selected set and it was just pure joy to have him here to play, someone I have known for a long time and admired, especially his Soul Purpose Radio Show. Check out his beautiful set!

Next up we had the mastery of the technical and super funky dj The dL, who flew in from Adelaide, SA to play our party. He is a super dope dj, big record collector, well known producer and a man that has been on the dj scene for a long long time and is well respected. He’s also been a big part of our facebook group as a Moderator and is just a great guy to work with and hang with. Don’t miss his killer set.

Following on from The dL we had our resident DJ and party starter Tom Showtime step up to do his funky hip hop & eclectic thing, including scratching on the challenging but beautiful setup of the Music Room Dj Booth. We have always loved what Tom does and brings and he is a renowned DJ and Producer in his own right and one half of Easy Now Recordings, who put out their first mashup 45s back in 2015! As always a set that gets the room jumping and is always hard to follow.

Following on from Tom, we had myself Mr Lob step up for a 2 hour set of disco delights, house bangers and some big party hip hop mashups and edits. I must admit I had already been in the party spirit for a good 7 hours by then so started off loosely but found my groove as I progressed and had another joyous experience of rocking the fantastic room and downright gorgeous audience during my set!

Lastly and returning to our party for a 2nd time we had one of Melbourne and Australia’s finest DJs Obliveus step up to close out the party in the only way he knows how, taking it larger and larger while dropping absolute bangers from disco to jungle and dnb, all mixed superbly and believe me, the crowd stayed and danced to the very end.

11 hours of pure joy all on 7″ vinyl, played by our incredible member djs, who did the format and our community proud.

Checkout some pics from the party…

Obliveus closing the night out large!!!

Next party is on Saturday 13 April at Music Room Melbourne and features Melbourne dj legends Obliveus, Tom Showtime & Dj Maars, party host & birthday boy Mr Lob, alongside Dr Diggns and making his party debut Funky J and flying in for the party is Limestone Cowboy for his 4th appearance!!!

If you can make it, come along, if you can’t tune into the live broadcast.

Thanks for your time and support.

Mr Lob