The Dj Sets from our ‘It’s A 45 Thing’ Melbourne party in April 2024 Now Available!!!

22 May 2024

Hi All, I thought I would share with you the live Video Dj sets from the 10th installment of our massive bi-monthly ‘It’s A 45 Thing’ party at Music Room Melbourne, where it is our pleasure to host an intimate night of great music, focussing on the collections, dj skills and deep party selections on the 7″ vinyl format of our incredible lineup of djs from the Forty Five Kings.

We went even larger for this party as we celebrated my 55th Birthday!!!!

The previous 9 parties had been off the hook and this party added to the immense pride we feel in hosting such a fun and successful party dedicated to the 7″ Vinyl Records

Music Room is limited to just 80 people, so it filled quickly and stayed full till we closed at 3am.

The whole concept of the party is to keep 7″ vinyl djing and the associated dj skills alive with a focus on going deep and keeping it funky and upbeat as the mood and bpms build over the course of the party, while at the same time highlighting what we, the Forty Five Kings do.

These sets include everything from hip hop, to hip house, to party disco, gospel house stompers and dnb, as our member djs go everywhere in their search of a great party track!!

The Lineup was incredible and delve into each set and experience the sheer joy of this wonderful event.

This event was also be broadcast live on during the party

Check out the live Video sets from this party and if you are in Melbourne on 8 June 2024, don’t miss our next party, but be warned you will need to be early…

Funky J


Dj Maars…

Limestone Cowboy & Mr Lob…


Check out the Photos from our April 2024 Party!!!