Happy 4th Anniversary to All the Forty Five Kings & Queens!!!!

16 August 2023

I would just like to wish all of the members of our Facebook group, Happy 4th Anniversary!!!

So much has been achieved over the last 4 years by this small private Facebook group of 7″ vinyl enthusiasts and there are many to thank who have gone above and beyond in their passion for the group and community that has grown out of it.

It all started with inviting people to join us who shared a passion for the 7″ vinyl format with the goal to link djs, collectors, labels, producers, sellers and those who made associated accessories, to share our collective passion, form links & networks, build a small and vibrant community together and to not make it just about popularity and the number of followers, while at the same time trying to overcome the issues other groups just based on genre, price, originality etc have had.

It has always been about the format and while there has been criticism at times by purists about some releases posted in the group, it has always been about encouraging people to take up the format, spreading the love of it and supporting the work and contributions of fellow members and our website is a testament to that fact.

So much has come out of this group over the past 4 years and that is something to be very proud of!

I’d also like to give a huge shout out to the members who continue to represent us by tagging us on socials, posting in the group, starting and contributing to threads, using our logos in your streams and on mixes, on instagram etc, playing our parties here in Melbourne, Australia and wearing our gear proudly!

It is fantastic to see that so many members who met through this group’s platforms have gone on to form new links and established new movements based around 45s and that parties are happening in various places.

A huge thank you goes out to all who sponsored and/or bought tickets in our 2021-2023 Raffles and have bought merchandise in that time, you have made the website possible over the last 3 years and it is now sustainable and paid for for the the next 12 months from your contributions!!

A huge thank you to DCow and Shan Frenzie for technical website support and advice.

It is a website I am super proud of as it highlights many of the achievements made by members of this group alongside the multiple group platforms that provide members opportunities to share what you’re doing.

Here are just some of the highlights…

100 Member Mixes that still get daily listens:

15 Member Interviews:


Our Stories About Records series of over 20 interviews:


25 Reviews of 7″ Releases Put Out by Members of this Group;


380 Live Member Mixes on our YouTube Channel:

The release of two fantastic 7″ releases on our Members Only Recordings Label featuring music made by members that have sold out mostly everywhere with a handful of copies left on our website:

A huge thank you to LRoy for his design of our Logos and designs used on our Merchandise and the design of the Members Only Recordings Record Labels.

Bigups to all those who use our slipmats designed by LRoy and sold exclusively by Fatwax45.

A huge thank you to Fatwax45 and 25ThC for running the Twitch channel while it was live and their immense contributions to the group and a massive big ups to all members who ever played on our Twitch channel across a multitude of our shows.

A huge thank you to our Facebook group Moderators, DL, DCow and Jimmy Mac!

Also thank you to those who have stayed in the group and seen the benefits of being involved and engaged.

I look forward to running more ‘It A 45 Thing ‘ parties with my fellow Australian members and am super excited to be taking the party to Perth on Saturday 10 November and the next Melbourne party on Sat 14 October which will be our 1 Year Anniversary at Music Room!!

These parties have been the scenes of much dancing and have been an opportunity to fly in members from interstate to play the parties such as Dj D, Deejay Mathmatics, Limestone Cowboy and we even had Dj Robert Smith from Germany as a guest, as well as local guest members, Tom Showtime, Dj Maars, Obliveus, Dj Ghostnotes & Dr Diggns!!!

For me personally, thank you to everyone that has sent me a 7″ to review or just given me a copy of their release and gone to the time, trouble and expense to post them to me here in Australia! This also goes out to people who have sent me merchandise and gifts and given me the opportunity to Dj in places like Canberra and Brisbane for the first time.

I’d also like to say I appreciate the people who have reached out to me both personally and publicly over the last few months with support, questions or just to have a chat and who have lifted my spirits with these engagements.

Finally, as I have always done, I encourage members to get involved in the group and reach out to me if you’d like to be involved in an interview, write a review, do a member mix or have some ideas for the group, please keep posting including sharing your upcoming gigs and latest digs, listen to a fellow members mix, pick up a 7″ label release shared in the group by members, play at and attend each others events and delve into this here fantastic website!

Thanks all for your time, interest and support.

Long Live the Forty Five Kings!!!

Mr Lob