We’ve Just Launched Our Brand New 7″ Record Label ‘ Members Only Recordings!!!

12 January 2023

We are very pleased to have launched our brand new 45s Label with the Pre Order Release of the brand new double sided slice of 7″ wax goodness, straight out of Australia with the 2 amazing tracks, ‘Make My Funk The P Funk/Jazz Crimes.

It has been a long time in the planning stages with many steep learning curves and a few bumps in the road but we are super pleased to present to you our very first release on 7″ Vinyl.

We aim to do it properly here by engaging with artists and producers, licencing the music on our 45s for vinyl and compensating the artists as well as releasing original music and first time on 45 tracks.

We are so excited about this release which is a limited press of just 300 copies and it is on sale right now, don’t delay and get it here at the very special discounted prices offered.

The more you buy the cheaper the postage, so get a bunch of friends together, order a few and save on postage!

There are also options to buy from Fatwax45 in the UK and Triple D in Germany, just click on their names and follow the link to the bottom of the page under ‘Postage Options’ to send them an email to reserve your copies!!

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