The Review No.2: Make My 45 The P Funk/Jazz Crimes

18 January 2023

Review by tooBiz of SEVENSails Records

A Side – Make My 45 The P Funk

Deejay Katch feat Abstract Rude over a funk break – what else needs to be said?

Members Only Recordings have made a conscious decision to ensure that the tracks supplied are for connoisseurs of music, specifically the Forty Five Kings Collective.

If you have never heard of either of these artists, purists will smile and stare blankly into the distance as they contemplate what is the best way to introduce you to nearly 3 decades of classic material.

If you fall into this category, here are some helpful tidbits of information that will assist you to avoid these inevitably awkward moments.

Abstract Rude – A regular at the Good Life Cafe in LA in the 90s and collaborator with other underground legends Aceyalone and Myka 9 (Freestyle Fellowship) and Pigeon John, Abstract has steadily released his unique brand of lyricism since 1995.

This is the ‘other’ west coast sound, conscious lyrics combined with a focus on individuality and wordplay, biters can ‘please pass the mic’.

DeeJay Katch – As founder of Hydrofunk Records, Katch has cemented his place as an Australian Hip Hop Legend releasing music with Resin Dogs and a variety of other acts since the mid-90s. Producer, DJ, Promoter, Label Boss – Chances are if you haven’t heard of him, you have definitely heard something he has been involved with.

Alright, now what do I think of the music? 

I am a sucker for sample based classic hip hop with intelligent rhymes that capture a concept.




The track is structured to be an anthem/theme song for the Forty Five Kings Crew, as a long term member of the collective, I am glad to report that it captures the intent of sharing knowledge and positivity to the record collecting community.

Abstract kicks the track off with a concise history of musical genres and effortlessly expands on this theme throughout the song. References of vinyl culture are seamlessly combined with knowledge of classic crate staples and the impact a vinyl DJ can have in a live setting. 

Untold levels of talent flow over a beat that is specifically constructed to get your shoulders popping and your shell toes dragging you to the D floor.

Deejay Toby Gee adds some subtle, yet effective cuts that complement the track. I can’t help but feel that an opportunity to showcase this talent in an extended dedicated scratch section was missed.

I acknowledge that this point of view is as a self confessed hip hop purist that is definitely not known for my dancing prowess. 

*insert cringeworthy crip walk with some of the best air scratching you will ever see*

Fun, party vibes are a must for any record bag and this funk laden 45 is certain to be a future dance floor favourite. 

This is a great track that had me wanting more, which is exactly what every artist should strive for – maybe an extended remix edit is in order?

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AA Side – Jazz Crimes

Lifted straight from the Resin Dogs 2000 release – Grand Theft Audio, Jazz Crimes has been given a makeover by Deejay Katch, slimming the track down to presumably fit on the limited space of the 45 format. 

I liked the track upon its release and being given the opportunity to revisit it over 20 years later, my opinion hasn’t changed.

This track has aged very well and I envision it will be played in hazy back rooms by a new generation of purveyors of layered ambient jazz beats.

Hopefully, the track will be played alongside classic records lifted from the collections of cool grandparents, in line with the suggestions by Abstract Rude on the A Side.

As a first release from a new label, Members Only Recordings has succeeded in meeting the brief of creating a record for the community it supports.

I am certain the community will return the favour by supporting the label into the future, especially noting that there is now a dedicated theme song for the Forty Five Kings to play in venues across the world.

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Review by tooBiz of SEVENSails Records