The Review: Make My 45 The P Funk/Jazz Crimes

10 January 2023

Review by Dr Diggns

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I’m so happy to have the opportunity to review the very first 7″ release from The Forty Five Kings Collective. 

I know personally that DJ Mr Lob has been working hard to lock in 2 huge tunes for your ears! 

This tasty slice of 7″ black wax is a perfect match for any 45 King or Queen or anyone in between! 

Side A : Coming in hot with a “How to 45 FUNK” Track.

An original production from Australia’s legendary producer DeeJay Katch (Resin Dogs) and Featuring MC – Abstract Rude! 

The Veteran independent  L.A rapper keeps it on the West Coast vibe with smooth flows that gives you a “HOW to 45 King!” Instruction manual throughout his verses.

Spreading the love of the 45 format, Digging and DJing inna funky fashion! 

Katch’s funky two step, soul clapping backing track taking samples of P Funk and flipping them into a magical funk filled production. 

With the intro featuring cuts from DJ Toby Gee (Take fingz) the scene is set for this massive tune! 

If you are a 45 funk/hip hop lover, a breakdancer or someone who loves to rock a dance floor, then this is the slice for you!

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Side AA : Is a Jazzy, Funky Slice from the Resin Dogs Originally released on the: Grand Theft Auto CD/LP that came out first in 2000.

For the first time on 45, here is another DeeJay Katch production.

A jazzy hip hop sure shot, boasting solid drums and a head nodding bass line that will warm up any moment. 

The 6 min original has been refined down for the 45/7″ format taking the best bits from the original and bringing this mad flavour for your ears. 

Another solid production from Katch. 

All in all combining the Love of 45’s and 2 killer tunes from DeeJay Katch, this 45 is a must for all 45 lovers, Forty Five Kings and Queens!

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