The Review: Shoop-E-Doop/I Like It

18 November 2022

The Review

I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again and again where applicable, that anyone that knows me through my dj sets, live streams, Instagram and Facebook posts or my curation of the Forty Five Kings Facebook group, knows that I’m partial to a good funky and soulful hip hop remix.

I do understand that in the current sea of endless edits, mashups and bootlegs some fatigue may have built towards these releases, but like anything you must keep your ears and eyes open for that diamond in the rough and this release is certainly one of those!

This is the 3rd release on the Take Fingz label out of Brisbane, Australia and is the 2nd release by Dj Tobygee on this label.

It comes packaged with incredible artwork that is part of the series on each cover and as stand alone art are beautiful.

Every effort has gone into the production, mixing and mastering of these tracks and the sound is tight, funky and harks back to an earlier era of djs/producers sampling and making music from other sources while adding their own flavour to the mix.

Dj Tobygee and Dj Katch are heavy hitters and are deep in the Brisbane Hip Hop scene and are well known in the local game but they aim large with this release and come with an incredible focus on putting out the best 45 product they can.

I’ve already gone crazy for this label’s previous 2 releases, ‘Knee Deeper/Request Line’ by Dj Tobygee and Let The Funk Hit Em/90% Of Main Source by Dj Katch which I was lucky enough to review!

I’m lucky enough to have a Test Press from the label given to me Tobygee to review while I was in Brisbane last weekend for gigs and then a copy of the actual pressing given to me in Melbourne 2 days ago while we were doing a gig together here in Melbourne!!!!

Let me get this off my chest right now, I love it!

Side A1: Shoop-E-Doop

Let me start by saying, yes there are really well known samples that are clearly identifiable on this release and if you’ve listened to Tobygee’s first 45 you know he wears his influences and samples on his sleeves for all to see and hear.

It is obvious that this label is not about hiding where their source material comes from but is about being quite opaque in their mission to keep it old school and as funky and sticky as a super sweaty Brisbane summer’s day.

I’d be lying if I said I was not a massive fan of Salt-N-Pepa’s Shoop and have owned the original 45 forever and it still gets regular plays in my sets.

I’ve also always loved the original track ‘I’m Blue’ by The Sweet Inspirations and while it may seem obvious to recombine the elements of the original with SNP’s massive hit, to do it in this way with such funky and soulful production, that places it firmly in both camps is to my mind well done.

Obviously there’s some studio trickery there that makes it sound like this is the original and the way it was meant to be and to my mind that is what remixes like this should do.

If you see something with Dj Katch’s name on it, you know you are getting a stellar product and to have these 2 producers working together is just such a bonus.

As I said above, Tobygee wears his inspirations on his sleeve and places them in your ears to hear and to me, he has achieved what he set out to do. He is a clever producer and does this kind of thing really well.

This is not about ground breaking new music but paying about homage to Hip Hop and the original influences that birthed it and sustained it for so many for so long.

This is a music and an art form that has influenced so much and to me this is a tribute to those Hip Hop forefathers and soulful groups like The Sweet Inspirations and Tobygee has provided djs with a killer mix to drop at old school parties to get you up off your feet and your head nodding.

Side B: I Like It (Wheels Of Steal Mix)

Man I am a massive massive fan of Grand Puba’s original track ‘I Like It’ and own both the 12 and 45, so I’m already sold on this remix.

While the original was a lot more jazzy, Tobygee takes his version into more funky and soulful territory and you what, that is completely ok with me.

This is a early evening or late night party grinder for the lovers, slow dancers and romantic prancers who want that last slow dance, hoping for some end of the night romance!

As with all tracks mixed by Dj Katch, this has tight drums, is clean and brings something new to the combination of samples used.

I think of the 2 tracks on this 45, this is the cleverest and most well produced, but that is taking nothing away from the A side which is dope!

What I can tell is that Tobygee has used a few samples that he has slowed right down, including 2 Grand Puba tracks, one with Jayla Jewel that gives us that gorgeous female vocal hook and the opening drum break and some other elements of the Brooklyn Bronx and Queens band’s track ‘Stay’, well as far as I can tell anyway!

Check them out yourself and see what you think…

Do yourselves a flavour and get this 45 right now as Dr Diggns tells me it is selling faster than a one sided white label or a mullet haircut at the local barber shop…

Where to Get the 45…


Dr Diggns is the worldwide distributor of this label and this release is strictly limited at 300 copies and is live for sale on his website right now!

Truthfully the good Dr has been saving Australian Djs a bundle on postage and tax over the past couple of years.

He also ships internationally and stocks a whole bunch of other Labels such as Dusty Donuts and Private Stock Records, as well as a great lineup of Japanese used 45s and cool Merchandise.

Review by Mr Lob