The Forty Five Kings Present Phunkyflavas – Mix 2!!!

18 November 2022

The Forty Five Kings Present Phunkyflavas!!!

This is our 99th Member Mix and the 2nd last mix in this incredible series of milestone mixes celebrating the 7″ vinyl format.

We are so excited to present for you the 2nd member mix from one of our favourite djs and all round good guys, Phunkyflavas or Lee to those in the know.

Lee is an active member and massive supporter of our activities, appearing on our live streams regularly, participating in our facebook group and some of our live activities in the UK.

This is of course a superb mix and Lee has this to say about his mix:

“I was thinking about pushing my boundaries a little and trying out some different textures and blends, some of which were thought up on the spot (eek).

This mix is a bit of a kitchen sink affair, – all recorded in one take on lovely little 45 inch singles, and with love to Mr Lob, Fatwax45 & 25ThC and all of the Forty Five Kings Collective

Hope you enjoy x”

We certainly did and know you will also!

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