The Review: The Influence Records TiR002

1 September 2022

The Review

I’m sure by now that anyone who knows me through my dj sets, live streams, Instagram and Facebook posts or my curation of the Forty Five Kings Facebook group, knows I’ve already gone crazy for this label’s 1st release and I’m lucky enough once again to have a Test Press from the label given to me by Dr Diggns to review!!

What still blows my mind about this label, is that Dr Diggns was approached directly by the label (he doesn’t know them) and asked if he would distribute their 1st release worldwide for them. He tells me upon hearing that 1st release, he agreed before a price was even discussed and he has agreed do the same again for this second release.

My understanding is that there is only 140 copies going on direct sale from Dr Diggns and that Pre Sales are open right now!

What I do know about the label is they are from Tulsa, Oklahoma (I know!) and if these first two releases are anything to go by, they make crazy good dj edits.

Dr Diggns was kind enough to offer me the opportunity to review this release and he also shared the label art with me and a Test Press from which I wrote this review.

Let me get this off my chest right now, I love it!

Side A1: Get With It by The Jazz Souls

Let me start by saying, yes there is a really well known James Brown sample that is clearly identifiable on this release and if you’ve listened to TiR’s first 45 you know they wear their influences and samples on their sleeves for all to see and hear.

It is obvious that this label is not about hiding where their source material comes from but is about being quite opaque in their mission to keep it old school and as funky as a kangaroo on a hot summer’s day or a pair of James Brown shoes after a shuffle!

Let’s be clear though, this track bumps 90s stylee and when those killer Jungle Brothers vocals drop in from their dope track ‘Beyond This World’ I’m sold, but wait is that also a sample of Sing Sing from Gaz?

This for me is straight party fire, those who know me know I like my funk raw and filled with great rap flows and this absolutely ticks all my party boxes.

It’s a party weapon and joins so many funky dots together by utilising their sample material just so very nicely!

I mean is it an edit/ remix and/or a party megamix?

Either way I don’t care and love it!

It’s also a killer bridging track between hip hop, funk and disco and can fit into so many styles of sets from the party rockers to turntablists and anyone who likes their funk served in a 3:36 slice.

What’s more I love the group name ‘The Jazz Souls’ and am happy to see them back on this release.

Side B: Style Like Mine by The Cowbell Brothers

I’ve said this before in interviews and in chats, but shit I’ll say it again here, for me music has to be funky and soulful and if those 2 elements are combined with a killer rap and stunningly good female vocals, then I’m hooked for life and this b-side does everything I need in a 45!

I mean is this a case of the ‘B-Side Wins Again?’

After the wild party that is Side A, Side B sits in that 94 BPM hip hop pocket and will slot straight into your early evening gig bag or straight into a bar set where people like to bump and grind like their in a Soul Train dance line!

It’s also great to see The Cowbell Brothers (love that name) return on this release.

Again the source material of Rufus Feat. Chaka Khan’s ‘You Got The Love’ is clear and used just so incredibly well as the base material for this killer track.

Then that Tone-Loc accapella from ‘On Fire’ has me up out of my chair and doing the wild thing all over my funky cold medina!

I’m of the age where I first heard Tone-Loc with ‘On Fire’ in 1987 and soon after when he exploded worldwide with his ‘Loc’ed After Dark’ LP.

I still dig his delivery and style and it is great to hear his vocals slot into this track like they were made for each other and you know what, in this case they were!

This is so damn soulful and funky, it’s ridiculous just how good The Cowbell Brothers have done with this track.

Baby, I am buying doubles, even though I have the Test Press, because it’s always great to get 2 party rockers on one 45 and in this day and age of ever increasing prices, it’s just damn good value!

I love what this label has done with both of their releases and like the first release, I think this will sell out super fast.

I’m told by the good Dr if it does sell out, they have promised a 3rd release, so get behind this release so they can put out more dope party smashers!

Where to Get the 45…

Australia/South Pacific

Dr Diggns is the worldwide distributor of this label and this release is strictly limited at 150 copies and it will be live for sale on his website this Friday 4 February 2022 at 11am AEDT (12:00am GMT) with a limited number of doubles deals available.

You can reserve a copy right now by sending Dr Diggns a Facebook Message with your email address and how many you want!!

Truthfully the good Dr has been saving Australian Djs a bundle on postage and tax over the past couple of years.

He also ships internationally and stocks a whole bunch of other Labels such as Dusty Donuts and Private Stock Records, as well as a great lineup of Japanese used 45s and cool Merchandise.


You can also purchase the digital tracks from their bandcamp page

Review by Mr Lob

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