The Review: Let The Funk Hit ‘Em/90% Of Main Source

17 August 2022

This is the second release on this fantastic new label out of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Take Fingz 001 by Toby Gee was a great release and literally sold out overnight and I am happy to see a 2nd label release so soon after the first one.

What is even more killer is that both Toby Gee and the man behind this new release, Deejay Katch are both members of the Forty Five Kings Collective.

Anyone into hip hop in Australia will be familiar with the name Deejay Katch, who has been slinging beats and records since the 80s and has been a key member of the legendary Australian Hip Hop group Resin Dogs since 1996!!!

This is a strictly limited release of 150 copies and I have been to Brisbane twice in the last month and I know all the heads are waiting for this to drop tomorrow, so my recommendation is to not delay, hit the hay or pray, but to be ready to click buy at 10am Australian (AEST) time on Thursday 18th August 2022 via the Dr Diggns website.

The ReviewTake Fingz: Produced by Deejay Katch

Side A1: Let The Funk Hit ‘Em

I have to say I was lucky enough to get a sneak preview of this release just over 4 weeks ago as I sat in Deejay Katch’s car while he blasted both sides and talked about the release.

I loved it from the first bars and anyone who has read any of my reviews or caught one of my hip hip sets knows I dig a classic hip hop edit but even more so when it has an unexpected source that is funky and unheard by me previously.

I also know that Katch did all the programming, scratches and production on this track and it has his style all over it.

Even better I got to write this review after being given the Test Press by Deejay Katch himself at my gig last Friday night in Brisbane, so you know this is already going to be a positive review on so many fronts!

Now to the track and that funky break, recognise it?

If you do Amen Brother!

Then the magic happens as the unmistakable vocals of the master Rakim kick in front and centre, both within and on top of that groove, just as they should do.

The cuts are on point, clean and part of the whole funky offering and those drums, wow!

The thing about edits is that they should make the track sound like you’ve heard it before (but not in this way) and that they fit into the era they are from and directed at, but bring something new, original and timeless to the edit, or else what is the point right?

I think in this case Deejay Katch has done exactly that and you can hear in the track, that Katch comes with a long history, production skills, dj chops and a lifetime of collecting records and living hip hop.

This appeals on so many fronts and will work for the breakers, the head nodders, crate diggers, hip hop heads and the djs who love to throw down classic vibes for their respective tribes.

The track is also mastered beautifully and plays great from the Test Press, don’t miss it!

Side B: 90% Of Main Source

I don’t know about you all but I can never get enough of hearing the Gwen McRae break from ‘90% of Me Is You’ and even better once Main Source’s raps from my favourite track of theirs ‘Just Hanging Out’ kick in, I’m hopping around like a kangaroo on a hot road or a Masai Tribesman in a Toyota advertisement, this is good, real good.

Then Bam Bam by Sister Nancy flows over the top and completes what for me might be my favourite cut on this release.

This is a real slice of classic Soul with Hip Hop vibes, just how I like it.

Again featuring fantastic production and mastering and overall is just so well executed.

It ticks all my edit boxes!

Like I always say, It’s great to get one killer track on a 45, but 2 means great value in this ever increasing world of high prices.

It’s also an affordable release, packaged beautifully and did I mention there’s only 150 copies available…

Review by Mr Lob

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