The Forty Five Kings Present Mr Ultrafino

30 August 2022

A veteran of the Prague alternative DJ scene, a record collector, producer, Radio 1 DJ and Jazz Dock resident.

Mr.Ultrafino stands behind some of the most diverse club nights in Prague, tirelessly trying to widen the range of music played in the club environment.

His all-vinyl-all-night sets tend to seamlessly incorporate anything from jazz and soul through hip hop and funk to disco, soulful house, contemporary alternative electronica and everything in between and beyond.

He has released two vinyl records “Time For A Renaissance” and “Last Night I Dreamt About The Sun” in cooperation with his alter-ego Darryl Baalki.

The third release “Flower Out Of A Stone” is expected to be released later in 2022.

This is a live mix recorded in a Prague Record Store that sees Mr Ultafino genre hopping and crafting a masterful session.

Find Mr Ultrafino here: