The Review: Paul Sitter – Mood EP

30 June 2022

This is the 5th review I’m writing about a Paul Sitter 45 release and each time it’s a real pleasure to hear what he comes up with and to check out his continual development as a producer and dj, that quite clearly wears his influences on his Dj crown!

For me it’s always exciting when I hear that Paul Sitter is releasing a new 45, but even better, they just keep getting better and better!

I’m sure by now if you’re into 45s and particularly into edits/mashups, you are aware of the 9 killer releases Paul Sitter, the man behind Funky Shit Edits, out of Russia, has released and I’ve been lucky enough to review 4 of his previous 45 releases and am the proud owner of all of these 45s and let me tell you, they all rock a party big time.

If you are unaware of these releases perhaps you have caught his short videos on Instagram where he cuts up 45s like a legend or perhaps you caught the set he did on our Twitch Channel as part of the Russia Special we hosted or on our recent Hump Day 45s show?

Paul’s earliest 45s came out on clear vinyl and play at 33, but his most recent releases, which have all been in huge demand for the party rocking djs out there, follow the traditional 45 rpm speed.

This 45 came out on June 30, 2022 and I’m told they are already selling super fast, so I’d act fast, real fast to get a copy.

The ReviewPaul Sitter – Mood EP

Side A1: Paul Sitter – Paul’s Mood

I say this every time I review a Paul Sitter 45, so I’ll be straight with you all once again, I’m a huge fan of Paul Sitter and this release has now become my favourite of his releases!

The main reason why is the way Paul Sitter makes and produces these tracks, it’s like a live dj set played by Paul himself, a superb turntablist.

It’s funky, soulful and has those ‘big beat’ drums, as well as a classic cut and paste feel and is aimed at getting the dancers onto the d-floor and the djs juggling and scratching.

Plus Paul Sitter has a keen ear for mixing great samples together that make them super funky.

It feels like you have heard this before but you haven’t really, not in this way and those keys from ‘Ike’s Mood’ are to die for and come in at just the right time, but is it the original Isaac Hayes or Visioneers version?

Also did I detect those strings from Andy Gibb’s ‘Shadow Dancing’ and that Sly & The Family Stone ‘huh’ just completes the downright dopeness of this track.

This is hip hop without it being a hip hop track, it takes it back to the early days of building a hip hop set from great records. It’s the bread and butter for so many djs who rock it old school style.

I for one am happy that Paul Sitter is doing this job, it’s God’s work!

So if you like your music funky, soulful, with killer samples and dancefloor friendly, then do the right thing and order a copy, now!

Side B: Paul Sitter – How You Feeling?

To answer I’m feeling pretty good right about now after hearing this B side, which really could be the A side, but in this case the B side really wins again!

I like this ‘return’ to Paul Sitter’s rock guitar sample stylings but of course it contains those funky and soulful breakdowns, those raw big big drums and the vocal shoutouts that we’ve come to know Paul loves including, just to make what is already dope even doper!

This is another dance floor filler and dj throwdown killer, great for that prime time in your set, when the club is burning up from all the heat you’re dropping and you want to give something back to the dancers, so they can shout back at you just how they’re feeling.

It’s always great to get one killer track on a 45, but 2 means you got to get this, like right now, blink and you will miss it…

Review by Mr Lob

Where to Get the 45s…


Paul Sitter – Funky Shit Edits has their own Bandcamp page where they release limited numbers of each release in various colours which are like always instantly sold out.

Australia/South Pacific

Also Coming Soon to Dr Diggns!!!

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Truthfully the good Dr has been saving Australian Djs a bundle on postage and tax over the past couple of years.

He also ships internationally and stocks a whole bunch of other Labels such as Dusty Donuts and Private Stock Records, as well as a great lineup of Japanese used 45s and cool Merchandise.