The Jazz Hobbler Interviews

7 June 2022
Fatwax45, Mark Lancaster, Butchybee, Weeg & Mr Lob

As we rapidly approach our 1 Year Anniversary of live streaming our monthly Bright As The Sun Show, we thought is was time we shared a few words from The Jazz Hobblers and what this show means to them and why they do it…

Mark Lancaster

Why Bright As The Sun, Why Jazz 45’s?

Bright As The Sun is what I have been looking for as a selector for many, many years. Playing jazz/soul jazz exclusively is something I have always wanted to do since discovering dj heroes like Paul Murphy, Gilles Peterson and Snowboy.

Finding Jazz gems on 45 just makes it more exciting to do. They sound fantastic and introducing this music to a new audience of fellow 45 addicts is a joy.


Why Bright As The Sun?

Firstly, it gives me an opportunity to play and share some of the music that are amongst my favourites and have had a massive influence on my musical journey.

Secondly, it’s the anticipation of what the others are going to play. Each Hobbler has their own style, each bringing different jazz flavours to the table.

You can guarantee I’ll hear new gems, that no doubt will be added to the ever expanding wants list. All in all though, we just have a good crack!

Why Jazz 45s?

My bank balance asks the same question. Very difficult to put my finger on that, I think it’s that next level of addiction that 45s already bring.

I actually had quite a lot of stuff on my wants list but I hadn’t made it a priority; BATS was the perfect excuse to get that side of my 45 collection up to scratch!

Mr Lob

Why Bright As The Sun, Why Jazz 45s?

Jazz is something I have fallen deeply in love with as I have gotten older and delved more into its beauty, depth, range and endless search of the groove.

It is the music of people continuously searching for something better, that envelopes and encourages all the emotions we are capable of as humans.

It’s the music of love, life, death, war, pain, joy, grief and musical treats.

It is as deep as the ocean and as wide as the sky.

And you can buy it on 45s, the format of my choice.


Your sets are always diverse but what I love is that you play lot of jazzy 45s, especially from Dynamite Cuts and Soul Supreme, amongst others, why is that?

The Dynamite Cuts releases for me are all essential from the weird and wonderful soundtracks to the Ultimate breaks and beats through Funk, Soul and Jazz, they are musical works of art.

I didn’t think I was a Jazz collector in any shape or form, in fact I didn’t really associate myself with jazz, it was you Mr Lob who did that!

I find Jazz through samples more often than not, in fact, pretty much all the Jazz I own is sample based.

Soul Supreme has this unique sound, for me, the way he interprets the Original and it Hip Hop counterpart in his style just works for me and clearly so many others with the way all his releases sell instantly.


Why Bright As The Sun, Why Jazz 45’s?

It gives me the opportunity to showcase and play music whose influence can be heard in just about any piece of music – it’s all Jazz in it

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