The Forty Five Kings Present The Jazz Hobblers

9 June 2022

The Forty Five Kings are pleased to present our 88th Mix!!

The Jazz Hobblers are a collective made up of Dj Mr Lob, Mark Lancaster, Fatwax45, WeeG & ButchyBee.

There are three elements that make up a Hobbler; a love of Jazz, a love of 45s and the final piece of the jigsaw, middle aged men in full swing!

To celebrate the forthcoming 1st Anniversary of their Forty Five Kings Collective Twitch stream show, ‘Bright As The Sun – Jazz Excursions On 45’ show this Sunday 12 June 2022 they have curated this mix.

Each Hobbler initially chose 6 tracks that never leave their crates and felt must be heard by all.

Like all good Reality TV shows; there were many hours of heated debate, numerous rounds of voting with the choices eventually whittled down to the final 19!

In support of this mix we also did an interview with The Jazz Hobblers:

We hope you enjoy this selection as much as we do playing these records and that you can tune in to this Sunday.

We have an incredible lineup of guests and of course it is an extra long show and celebration of Jazz on 45!

Times and guests on the flier, please help spread the word, these jazz 45s and selectors need to be heard!!