Label Interview and Mix: Woxow from Little Beat More Records

3 June 2022

Firstly, tell us about yourself as a Dj, Collector and Producer. How long have you been collecting, djing and putting music out as Woxow? Where are you located?

Hi Rob, thanks for making me part of this new format and congratulation for all the efforts you’re doing to promote 45 culture.

I’m from Italy (Piedmont, in the north west) but I now live in Vienna.

I started djing 20 years ago, when I was 20; my first gig was at the first party I’ve organised.

With some friends I started to do Reggae parties and we found ourselves running a real Reggae Festival (Bornasco Reggae Festival – then Ride Again Festival) for 6 years.

We’ve hosted Alton Ellis, Mad Professor, Derrick Morgan, Trojan Sound, Bitty Mclean, David Rodigan, Dub Pistols, Dub Incorporation, Million Styles, Zion Train and many more.

So for 7 years I was a Reggae selector playing mainly 45s.

However, I’ve always been into hip hop and trip hop, then over time, I started moving around and playing different genres like everyone else and I’ve got my funk period, then Jazz, Electronic, Afro, Funky Breaks, Balkan, Swing, etc…

I’ve always djed and organised parties, and some of my most formative years in the music industry were the ones I’ve done with The Sweet Life Society.

We were signed by Warner Music and toured all over Europe and the States (we played Glastonbury just to name one).

With them I was a dj, but also tour and booking manager.

Then I’ve started putting my hands on Ableton and I’ve produced a couple of songs on the Antique Beats Album, like this one, which in fact is on the Veggie Tales Vol. 1 and there are still a few copies left to buy!.

Before that I was just doing some remixes and mashups, where you can actually find the roots of ULURU.

After I left the band, I moved to Marseille and I’ve lived there for 4 years, djing and producing the first Woxow’s Alcazar, and organising events.

I’ve had the following acts play at my events: Hugo Kant, The Mouse Outfit, Jfb, and also Ken Boothe, that’s how I managed to convince him to feature on this track:

Ken Boothe told me it was the first time in his life that he had sung on a track with real rappers, I’m so honoured to have made this happen.

I first came across your label Little Beat More in 2018 with the release of the Alcazar (with Chaos) 45, we discussed above and the 2019 release of the Woxow Reggae Versions 45 and have been a big fan of your label ever since. Why did you start the label, what did you hope to achieve with it?

Yes right that was the first output.

I decided to release “Alcazar” on my own because it took a lot of effort to make it and I wanted to have full control of it (also too many samples included, so I’m not sure if any other labels would have been interested), so at first I created the label with that as the only purpose.

But then I started thinking about releasing other artists as well, plus the awesome feedback I’ve received for those 2 first Woxow’s 45 gave me the energy to decide to give it a try.

What I want to achieve? I just hope to release great music and to be able to keep doing so.

Also thank you for the support from all you guys, it seems like I can keep producing records!

I’m thankful for that and I will never take it for granted.

You are the one who really make this possible.

Little Beat More has gone from strength to strength now releasing 12 x 45s (if I’m correct) and what I notice is that for sure you are a Hip Hop fan but to describe your label as hip hop focussed would do you a disservice, as in my reckoning you are one of the most diverse labels releasing 45s I know of.

Talk to us about your love of these multiple genres spanning middle eastern, eastern, afro, reggae, latin and house sounds?

How do they all fit together for your label?

What are you trying to achieve with these various releases?

Aah thanks for the sweet words.

You know Rob we’re all hungry for new music and life is made up of different periods where we like different genres.

I think our music knowledge and music interests just grow with time, and now I find myself loving many different styles.

For example now I’m really into cumbia, latin jazz, old african music, exotica….

I don’t see any boundaries, I do press what I would love to play in my sets, and I love eclectic dj sets that goes from one genre to the other, like Mr Scruff for example.

I also try to think of what could sell more, of course, but at the end I always choose to press what I love more, and luckily it’s working well…

I’d like to talk about the your Veggie Tales 1 – 4 series of 45s. I love them, the artwork, the recipes and their musical range. What is the concept behind them, will there be more in the series?

Ah The Veggie Tales series, thanks for asking, I’m so proud of it!!!

The first vinyl series in the world dedicated to veganism!

When I decided to release some 45s from different artists on my label, I wanted to make something special that could connect those releases into something, I needed a concept to do a series and we love Veggies….so here comes the Veggie Tales Series!

I’m wondering if anyone tried our recipes?

Those are all originals recipes made at our home by my girlfriend who is a great cook.

And yes, Volume 5 is at the pressing plant, it will be released in the next few months and then I will also do a very limited box set with all 5 releases in it.

This is the song I’ve selected for Veggie Tales Vol.5

It has been remixed by Jo Bissa which is one half of Umoja.

Tell us what you have coming up for the label and for your Woxow project?

Woxow has just dropped a new videoclip which is part of “How Many Ancestors Do We Have?”, which will be released on a double gatefold 7″ in the next months and on a 12” with few remixes.

Little Beat More has many 45s in the making, one from The Mouse Outfit with DnB Remix on the b side

We also have 2 Lofi hip hop beatmakers to come and another Restless Leg Syndrome bomb:

As stated there is also Veggie Tales Vol. 5 and few more which are still in the process of being made.

Where can we find you and get your releases?

First of all on bandcamp:

Then I’ve recently opened a small record store in Vienna (Obolo in Arnezhoferstr. 7 – Vienna) and you can check and buy all the records on Discogs.

We also are distributed in many record shops and online sellers around the world so you can find us in HHV, Juno, Decks,, etc….

Here you can find a multilink with all the things I’m currently working on:

Please also check out and follow our sublabel ULURU

Maybe we’ll talk about that another time 😉

Thanks Rob and big up to all the Forty Five Kings, Queens & Kids Crew.


Theo – Woxow

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