Dj Honey – The Bright As The Sun Interview

7 June 2022

We are always super honoured to present the wonderful Dj Honey on our live stream shows and being that it is rapidly approaching the 1 Year Anniversary of our monthly ‘Bright As The Sun- Jazz Excursions On 45’ Show this Sunday 12 June 2022, we just had to ask Dj Honey to play!

There’s a couple of reasons why, so let’s delve into the interview…

Tell us about yourself? How long have you been collecting and playing jazz? What was the first 45 in jazz genre you owned and do you still have it and play it?

Hi, I’m Honey, a martini swilling record collector, radio host, DJ. 

I’ve been collecting jazz since I was a kid.

Most of my early record collection comprised of Tony, Frank, Judy, Ella, Sarah, Sammy – all the great crooners.  

One of my favourite parts of jazz is that each instrument gets to shine. Jazz musicians work together and, inspired by one another’s talents, the beat goes on! 

Jazz is revolutionary – consistently boundary pushing and experimental, it’s political and free, it’s romantic and collaborative. 

One of my first jazz 45s was Frank Sinatra – “Bim Bam Baby”. It cost less than a dollar from an opshop. It’s more groovy and poppy than Ol’ Blue Eyes’ usual songs, but it sure still swings! 

What attracts you to female led records? Why is it so important to support female DJs?

I think more interesting questions to ask are: Why wouldn’t we support women who DJ? Why do we continue to put limits on women and gender diverse people in the music world?

I love seeing women reach their full potential in all spaces and currently, we’re still underrepresented and undervalued in the music world and beyond.

Society needs to stop thinking of us as an exception but rather the rule. 

Music is a way of storytelling and I’m particularly attracted to women’s voices – our words, our stories, lyrics, notes, melodies.

We should all be interested in these, to better understand the human experience.

If we truly have a passion for music, we must invest, support and promote women within the music industry and celebrate our contributions too. Ya dig?

Tell us about your YouTube channel?

I started my YouTube channel during the pandemic.

Honestly (mostly) I just needed to keep busy, but after digging in Singapore and SE Asia, a lot of the records I picked up weren’t available to listen to on YouTube.

I’m all about the sharing of music, plus it’s pretty lonely raving about a record that no one’s heard of, so I started slowly uploading my collection to YouTube.  

YouTube is a great resource for music lovers, and by sharing these rarer 45s I feel like I’m contributing to the community. Giving back! 

What do you enjoy about the Bright As The Sun show and what keeps you coming back to listen & watch?

Well, I’ve gotta start with the music!

The broad spectrum of jazz and it’s interpretations.

Everyone has a different relationship with jazz and it’s an honour listening to and celebrating that love affair. 

And, secondly, the community spirit of the collective.

You’ve set the bar high for record collectives.

You folks are some of the nicest, most supportive and community-driven record heads around whose primary focus is to geek out over good times! I’m hip to you!

What can we expect from your set?

Well, hepcats, I’ll be spinning an exciting selection of slinky, sultry and simmering mostly 60s jazz!

Anita Moore’s epic version of “Compared To What” is in the box, plus more.

Records you’d listen to with Martini in hand, dripping in sequins and ready to frisk some whiskers! 

Thanks Dj Honey, we dig!

Interview by Mr Lob

Catch Dj Honey this Sunday on at 1:30PM GMT/22:30PM AEST

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