The Review: Brothers/Love

27 April 2022

Joe Ave featuring Tommy Illfigga: Brothers/Love

Label: Seven Sails Records

This is the 7th release on 7″ vinyl from this fantastic DIY Hip Hop Label out of Adelaide, South Australia run by Forty Five Kings Collective Member Biz Kawasaki, who has previously written a Feature Story for our website, about starting a Vinyl Record Label.

I own all 6 Seven Sails vinyl releases and Biz has been kind enough to send me his label’s new release by Joe Ave to review.

I have also been lucky enough to review Seven Sails Records, 4th, 5th & 6th releases and they are the real hip hop deal.

As I’ve said previously, I may be biased as I’m a big fan of this label’s 45s and play their 45s regularly, so I was super keen to hear this new release.

In my opinion all of the label’s releases so far have been strong on production, talent, passion, depth and with killer lyrics/raps to boot.

This release has been out a little while now but their are still some copies left of their splatter and red vinyl copies.

Now to the the new release!


Side A: Brothers

From the opening funky blues chords and drums, I was hooked!

As I’ve come to expect from releases on the Seven Sails label, the vocals are out front, loud, proud and let you know straight away that this is Aussie Hip Hop of the highest calibre, presented by MCs deep and long in the local game.

One of the things I dig about this release is that it is not trying to be something it’s not, it’s about their lives, their hoods, their experiences, their wordplay and skill in rappining in unison.

This is local Australian Hip Hop at it’s finest.

It may not be for the dance floor but it’s for the head nodders, beat junkies, rap connoisseurs and those who like the raps honest and real.

The scratch sentences are dope and on point and are actually beatboxed by Tom ILLFigga!!

The beat is mastered to perfection and sits right in the pocket to allow the MCs to do what they do.

Order Here!!

Side 2: Love

I’ve said this a few times before but when I buy or get sent a 45 I have always made a habit of listening to both sides and most of us collectors and djs would know that many an undiscovered gem lies here in.

In this case it’s the Bside and for me my favourite cut on this 45.

A killer slow tempo groove (recognise the sample?), conscious and honest lyrics that involve deep thoughts, passion and understanding of what it takes to be a man, a father, brother, son and friend.

It’s about love, something we don’t hear often enough in hip hop and from men.

Make sure you get on and Order this and any other of the Label’s 45s, you can’t go wrong!

Thanks To Biz for the opportunity to write this review.

Review by Mr Lob