The Review: Paul Sitter – The Nothing EP

27 April 2022

This is the 4th review I’m writing about a Paul Sitter 45 release and each time it’s a real pleasure to hear what he comes up with and to check out his continual development as a producer and dj, that quite clearly wears his influences on his Dj crown!

For me it’s always exciting when I hear that Paul Sitter is releasing a new 45, but even better, I think this may be my favourite release of his to date, yep you heard that right!

By now if you’re into 45s and particularly into edits/mashups, I’m sure you are aware of the 8 killer releases Paul Sitter, the man behind Funky Shit Edits, out of Russia, has released and I’ve been lucky enough to review 3 of his previous 45 releases and am the proud owner of all of his previous 45s and let me tell you, they all rock a party big time.

If you are unaware of these releases perhaps you have caught his short videos on Instagram where he cuts up 45s like a legend or perhaps you caught the set he did on our Twitch Channel as part of the Russia Special we hosted or on our recent Hump Day 45s show?

Paul’s earliest 45s came out on clear vinyl and play at 33, but his most recent releases, which have all been in huge demand for the party rocking djs out there, follow the traditional 45 rpm speed.

This 45 came out on April 1, 2022 and although the gold pressings have sold out there are still classic black copies available, but I’d act fast, real fast.

The ReviewPaul Sitter – The Nothing EP

Side A1: Paul Sitter – Nothing But A Heartache

As I have already stated, I’m a big fan of Paul Sitter and this is my favourite of his releases and there is a multitude of reasons why.

First up is the continual influence of Moby’s Big Beats and samples and the approach Paul takes to mixing these influences so that they sound like a live dj mix.

Then there is the use of the super soulful and funky, ‘Nothing But A Heartache’ sample by The Flirtations and then in the breakdowns, the vocals samples of Chuck D & Flavor Flav.

Put all this together with Paul Sitter’s production style and we’ve got one hell of a party!!

As we’ve come to expect with Paul Sitter’s releases, it’s funky, it’s soulful, it’s full of breaks, contains killer vocal samples and is full of that infectious and funky old skool hip hip groove that we all love.

I also like that Paul has stepped away from the ‘rock’ sounds for this release and brought us something soulful that I think will appeal to not only hip hop heads, but soul afficiandoes, those into big beat, disco and funky grooves.

Like I’ve said before, the breakers are going to break, the turntablists are going to scratch, cut and juggle and the party djs like me and so many others are going to let this play through loud and watch the d-floor go crazy!

Side B: Paul Sitter – Nothing Gonna Change His Way

From the opening breaks and symbol crashes to that classic sunshine filled Wet Willie ‘Beggar Song’ sample I knew I was going to love this.

It fits right in the pocket of those who dig yacht rock sounds but enjoy the funky breakdowns of James Brown and the boogie sounds of the west coast underground.

This will fit nicely into an early set, a set in the afternoon sunshine or a set where you want to unwind.

For me it’s another perfect melding of Paul’s influences and dj style and it makes me happy that soon I will have another crazy good Paul Sitter 45 in my bag and dj set repertoire!

If you like your 45s funky and soulful with plenty of samples and party flavours you can’t go wrong with this release.

Review by Mr Lob

Where to Get the 45s…


Paul Sitter – Funky Shit Edits has their own Bandcamp page where they release limited numbers of each release in various colours which are like always instantly sold out.

Australia/South Pacific

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