The Forty Five Kings Present T2Funk (Mix 3)

29 March 2022

Welcome to our 84th member mix!!

For this one we are super pleased to have a 3rd mix from our member T2Funk as we know he tears it up each time and yet again with this mix his selections, flow, cuts, mixing and groove are superb.

This mix sees T2Funk step to back to the late 70s and 80s with 23 tracks of boogie, a hint of disco and a lot of funky and soulful vibes just in time for the spring weather in the UK.

A lot of these tracks were and are still are a big influence on shaping his musical style.

T2Funk wanted to bring a different flavour to his previous Forty Five King mixes and hopefully people will be feeling these tunes.

We are, now it’s your turn!


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