The Review: Paul Sitter – Go Move & Galvanize

9 February 2022

It’s always exciting when we hear that Paul Sitter is releasing a new 45, but even better, he is releasing 2 at the same time!!

By now if you’re into 45s and particularly into edits/mashups, I’m sure you are aware of the 7 killer releases Paul Sitter, the man behind Funky Shit Edits, out of Russia, has released and I’ve been lucky enough to review 2 of his previous 45 releases and am the proud owner of 7 of his previous 45s and let me tell you, they all rock a party big time.

If you are unaware of these releases perhaps you have caught his short videos on Instagram where he cuts up 45s like a legend or perhaps you caught the set he did on our Twitch Channel as part of the Russia Special we hosted or on our recent Hump Day 45s show?

Paul’s earlier 45s came out on clear vinyl and play at 33, but his most recent ‘Funky Shit Edits Vol.4’ and ‘Chasing The Funk’ 45s, which have all been in huge demand for the party rocking djs out there, follow the traditional 45 rpm speed and now there are these 2 new slices of Hip Hop power taht will smash even more dance floors up!

The ReviewPaul Sitter & Andy Cooper – Go Move/Paul Sitter – King Of Rock

Side A1: Paul Sitter & Andy Cooper – Go Move

I’m a big fan of Andy Cooper and to have him appear once again on a Paul Sitter 45 is an added bonus!

We all know that Andy Cooper is the hardest working MC in the 45 game, but the fact that he keeps turning out endlessly funky party raps across multiple tracks is a testament to his sheer talent and endless brilliant wordplay. Put this together with a Paul Sitter production and we’ve got one hell of a party.

Of course it’s funky, full of breaks, contains a killer horn and vocal sample and is full of that infectious and funky old skool hip hip groove that we all love.

I mean the breakers are going to break, the turntablists are going to scratch, cut and juggle and the party djs like me and so many others are going to let this play through loud and watch the d-floor go crazy!

If you like your 45s funky with dope raps, plenty of samples and party flavours you can’t go wrogn with this release.

Side B: Paul Sitter – King Of Rock

From the opening vocals I knew this was going to be a super fun track and once the drum break kicked in with that King Of Rock vocal sample I was sold big time.

This is just plain fun, like a Paul Sitter live dj set that brings in all these different elements, I mean a 70s Russian song, mixed with Run DMC amongst other samples and lots of breakdowns, scratches and that delalalala vocal just brings a smile to my face and makes me happy that soon I will have another crazy good Paul Sitter 45 in my bag and dj set repertoire!

The ReviewPaul Sitter: Rostov Express – Galvanize/Chewtacca

Side A1: Paul Sitter – Galvanize

I was so keen to hear what Paul Sitter had done with this tune, as I’m a massive Chemical Brothers fan and this is one of their biggest tracks with Q Tip slaying the vocals and this always rocked clubs I played in, so to hear Paul’s approach was super cool.

He’s slowed it down, jazzed it up, changed the drums and added some jangly guitar samples.

It’s kind of loose like a dj mixing two 45s together of different genres and keys but it works, like a Paul Sitter set.

Loved the Push The Button, My Finger Is On The Button samples and the breakdowns throughout the track.

Like much of Paul Sitter’s work, this made me smile once again.

A really fun track and one that will work in those who like their sets eclectic and making people smile and go, ‘Wow What Is This?’.

Side B: Paul Sitter – Chewtacca

I know I keep saying this but Paul Sitter does fun 45s.

I love how his mind works to blend these disparate sounds, tracks and genres and it shows his depth and love of all sorts of music, especially something with a catchy chorus, big drums, a hip hop vibe, rock licks and always with a funky vibe focused on the djs and dance floor.

Another great 45 from Paul Sitter, my suggestion is to order now!

Review by Mr Lob

Where to Get the 45s…


Paul Sitter – Funky Shit Edits has their own Bandcamp page where they release limited numbers of each release in various colours which are like always instantly sold out.

Australia/South Pacific

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