The Review – Do You Wanna Party/ Party Time

2 February 2022

 Do You Wanna Party/ Party Time (7”) – RR02 released March 2022 

First up it’s a real honour when I get approached to do a review and is an absolute pleasure to do it for friends and labels that I love.

T2Funk from Regulate Recordings is a good friend and fellow Forty Five Kings member and he was kind enough to send me a Test Press to review this upcoming release from and to throw down at my gigs for the past month and the reception to it has been amazing to say the least!

The first review I ever wrote was for Regulate Recordings first release and since then I seem to be being asked to write them more and more, so I must be doing something right!!!

The Review

Side 1: Do You Wanna Party

Like it says on the cover, after hearing this I want to party even if I wasn’t ready!

It’s fantastic how this sounds timeless and like you’ve heard it before but not quite like this and not with this much funky flavour. Samples to die for, superb scratching and breakdowns, mastered beautifully and just full of dance floor heat.

This is a party weapon and is made just for that very moment you need to start the dance floor or keep it going or up that energy just a notch from extreme heat to a blazing fire!

I’m also a massive fan of the track ‘HOW GEE’ and those horns drive me to get up and dance every time, so the use of a sample of it, perfectly slotted in, won me over big time!

If you like to rock a funky party, smash out a party bomb mid set or step up and rock doubles while juggling and doing body tricks or announce that you’re set is starting with a bang, then this track is going to do just that.

The only thing I can say is buy it, push back the furniture, turn it up and warn your neighbours there is one hell of a party about to go down!

Order directly from Regulate Recordings Bandcamp page and grab a PRESALE COPY right now!!!

Side 2: Party Time

(If it doesn’t play on your iphone/ipad please follow the bandcamp links at the bottom of this page)

Did someone say Disco/Boogie?

I thought so and this track perfectly encapsulates that sound and period of music when you would get dressed up, throw your favourite disco tape in the cassette player, pour yourself a drink or 2 while you did your hair and waited for your friends and shared taxi to the club to turn up with your friends in it, ready to party just like you!

A warm up stomper, dance floor romper and sure fire slice of disco conqueror!

I’m finding these type of sounds are appearing more and more in my sets now and this slots perfectly into that crossover from hip hop, funk, into disco and boogie and house sounds really well.

Another well produced slice of party heat!

Both tracks are great and I’d be pretty happy if this was my second release on my new label.

Bigups for the Test Press and giving me the opportunity to write another review for you guys!

We are sure our members and readers are going to love this one!

Order directly from Regulate Recordings Bandcamp page and grab a PRESALE COPY right now!!!


Order directly from Regulate Recordings Bandcamp page and grab a PRESALE COPY right now!!!

Dr Diggns is the distributor of this label in Australia/NZ and this release is live for Presale on his website right now!!!

Truthfully the good Dr has been saving Australian Djs a bundle on postage and tax over the past couple of years.

He also ships internationally and stocks a whole bunch of other Labels such as Dusty Donuts and Private Stock Records, as well as a great lineup of Japanese used 45s and cool Merchandise.

If you’re in Australia/NZ you can order from the mighty Dr Diggins!!


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