The Influence Records – First 45 Release

1 February 2022

Anyone who knows me through my Instagram and Facebook posts or my curation of the Forty Five Kings Facebook group knows I’ve already gone crazy for this release and I’m lucky enough to have a Test Press given to me by Dr Diggns to review!!

What’s crazy about this is that Dr Diggns was approached directly by this label (he doesn’t know them) and asked if he would distribute this worldwide for them, he tells me upon hearing it, he agreed before a price was even discussed!

What I do know is they are from Tulsa, Oklahoma (I know!) and if this first release is anything to go by, they make crazy good dj edits.

Dr Diggns was kind enough to offer me the opportunity to review this, shared the art and mp3s with me and I am the proud owner of a Test Press from which I wrote this review, but hey you guys already know this is going to be positive review, but stay with me, it gets funky!

The Review

Side A1: Too Hot To Handle by The Cowbell Brothers

(If it doesn’t play on a phone/ipad check the bandcamp link at the bottom of this page)

Let me start by getting my bias out of the way, I love J5 and I love the Dapp Kings Nervous Like Me 45, so having them combined is like a godsend for me.

I like my funk raw and party filled with great rap flows and this absolutely ticks all my party boxes.

It’s a party weapon and joins so many dots together by utilising the original version of ‘Nervous Like Me’ by the Dapp Kings and loops it up to match it perfectly with two verses from very famous hip hop tracks that use the same sample – riding a fine line between an edit/ remix and a party megamix.

It comes complete with extended breaks and accapella drops for the scratch savvy and this 45 is pure molten red hot lava and will no doubt destroy dance floors worldwide.

I dropped the test press yesterday during my live gig and had 3 people come straight up to me and asked what it was, that is the power of the funk that this 45 holds and this is only Side A.

It’s also a killer bridging track between hip hop, funk and disco and can fit into so many styles of sets from the party rockers to turntablists and anyone who likes their funk served in a 4:30 slice.

What’s more I love the group name ‘The Cowbell Brothers’ and can find nothing more on them, but what I do know is I want more cowbell, there is never enough!

Side B: Inner City Chill by The Jazz Souls

(If it doesn’t play on a phone/ipad check the bandcamp link at the bottom of this page)

For me music has to be funky, soulful and jazzy and if all 3 are combined with a killer rap, then I’m hooked for life and this track does everything I need in a 45!

After the party that is Side A, Side B is a more chilled, but one super funky jazzy affair.

It sounds like these guys, The Jazz Souls (great name by the way) are trying to recreate the sound of A Tribe Called Quests ‘Youthful Expression’ and for my money they’ve nailed it.

By using the same jazzy sample but with vocals from 93 Till Infinity, The Jazz Souls, have in essence created a remix of 93 Till Infinity by utilising extended jazz breaks to bring the funk alive.

This is so damn jazzy and funky, its ridiculous.

I’m buying doubles, I mean to get one dope track on a 45 is always great but 2 party rockers on one 45 is mind blowing value.

I love what this label has done with its first release and hope that this sells out, so that they do another, real real soon.

Dr Diggns tells me there is already another in the works if this sells…

Where to Get the 45…

Australia/South Pacific

Dr Diggns is the worldwide distributor of this label and this release is strictly limited at 150 copies and it will be live for sale on his website this Friday 4 February 2022 at 11am AEDT (12:00am GMT) with a limited number of doubles deals available.

You can reserve a copy right now by sending Dr Diggns a Facebook Message with your email address and how many you want!!

Truthfully the good Dr has been saving Australian Djs a bundle on postage and tax over the past couple of years.

He also ships internationally and stocks a whole bunch of other Labels such as Dusty Donuts and Private Stock Records, as well as a great lineup of Japanese used 45s and cool Merchandise.


You can also purchase the digital tracks from their bandcamp page

Review by Mr Lob

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