The Forty Five Kings Present Toby Gee

9 February 2022

The Forty Five Kings Present Toby Gee, for our second mix for 2022 and it’s a killer session!

The Forty Five Kings are proud to present Toby Gee!!!

Toby Gee has been DJing & producing for over 20 years and is located in Brisbane Australia, playing Hip Hop & Funk.

Toby has a penchant for cutting and scratching and has included plenty of both in his first mix for the Forty Five Kings.

Toby has dug deep into his 7” collection to bring you a selection of smooth and soulful Hip Hop with plenty of live remixes and blends.

The mix features the new ‘Raging Inferno’ track ‘Broken Promises’ featuring Toby on the cut!

This mix was created on 2x1200s & a reloop spin for additional cuts throughout.

Look out for more 7” releases coming in 2022 from Toby & the Raging Inferno camp.

You can peep Toby’s mixes at:

Toby says Peace & Respect to the Forty Five Kings Collective