The Forty Five Kings Present Phunkyflavas

23 February 2022

The Forty Five Kings Present Phunkyflavas!!!

Lee Durrant aka Phunkyflavas nicked his name from his very successful funk and acid jazz club night, which ran throughout the nineties in Little Lowestoft town in the UK.

For this mix Lee says ‘I was often a lone DJ as it was tough getting guests to drive to the UK’s most Easterly town, so I always looked to keep the set varied, changing up the tempo and feel.

This is what I try and do in all my sets and in this mix – old habits die hard!

Many thanks to the incredible Forty Five Kings and to anyone kind enough to listen’

We’ve come to love Lee’s sets here at the Forty Five Kings through his multiple guest and member streams on our twitch channel.

His impeccable taste, flow and dance moves in a well placed mirror always make us happy!

Enjoy and help spread the word with likes, shares, reposts and comments.

Thanks for your time.

Find Phunkyflavas on Mixcloud: