Rising Suns – For Everyone

5 January 2022

Rising Suns – For Everyone/Back In The Days

While stuck inside at the height of lockdown, Onemore & Deejay Mathmatics decided to combine powers and form the initial workings of their new Rising Suns production project.

Bringing in guest appearances from NY legend O.C (of D.I.T.C) on the A side and Alyx Ryon (Maryland, D.C) on the flip.

The Review

Side A1: For Everyone featuring O.C

Opening with recognition of the passing of Biz Markie, I know this is going to be one hell of a ride.

There’s a few reasons why, firstly Onemore & Deejay Mathmatics are deep in the Hip Hop game and Mathmatics is amongst the forefathers of much of the culture we know as Hip Hop in Australia.

Onemore has been in Australia for about a decade after having relocated from London.

They have lived and breathed hip hop since they were kids, over 30 years now and were early adopters and torch bearers.

They are crate diggers, master djs and producers, listeners, lovers of the culture and feel it pulsing through their veins.

That flame continues to burn bright today and this debut 45 is a clear demonstration of that.

It’s classic boom bap hip hop, the best kind for me, clear and precise lyrics and word play.

It’s about finding positivity in the midst of a global pandemic.

It’s about music, culture, hip hop, lives lived and lost.

A killer groove, scratches and did I notice a vocal sample from one of the greatest MCs who ever lived?

Featuring legendary D.I.T.C rapper O.C, this is a not to be missed and much needed 45.

For me in a sea of bootlegs, mashups and edits to have something brand new, original and out of Australia but with a worldwide reach that is just plain dope means it’s going straight into my collection.

These are the type of 45s and labels I would like to see get huge support, that DIY ethic that is about saying this culture is still here, still relevant and still needed.

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Side B: Back In The Days featuring Alyx Ryon

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From the opening kick, I was hooked, did someone say summer in the park?

It made me feel like I was listening to Blue Note samples and De La vocals in a park somewhere, by the beach in bare feet.

Rising Suns are from coastal Newcastle on the east coast of Australia so besides hip hop in their veins they’ve got sea breezes in the air and the sun shines lots, just like in this track.

This is almost like something from the golden era you’ve heard before, but even better this is brand new and sits right in that boom bap pocket.

It’s about memories and early musical influences and how they inform our lives and stay with us.

It’s about when hip hop came from your parents record collection and that’s what you still use as a guide.

It’s always a bonus to get one great track on a 45 but two is like doubling your money.

I’d buy this, buy an ice cream, put some beers on ice, grab your portable turntable and head to the park.

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Where to Get the 45…

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Review by Mr Lob