26 October 2021

45 Kids is a collection of kids who DJ using 7″ vinyl – 45s.

The concept was created by Zizi45 and so far there have been four 45 Kids live stream shows on the Forty Five Kings Twitch Channel.

The events have been a huge success and all of the Kids that taken part have all been amazing.

On Saturday 30 October 2021 it is the 45 Kids Halloween Special!

Expect scary costumes and spooky 45s!

Zizi45 has drawn a new 45 Kids logo and some spooky characters.

Set times in BST:

08:00 (18:00 AEDT) – Juicy Dark
08:30 (18:30 AEDT) – DJ Ohhh
09:00 Evie Wonder
09:30 Zizi45
10:10 Indy Mix
10:40 Junior Loves
11:30 Minimal P
12:00 Polly Phonics
12:30 Heyboy DJ / Heygirl DJ

The show will be raising funds for Jessie’s Fund – jessiesfund.org.uk/ – a charity that specialises in music therapy for children with special needs or in Children’s hospices.

If you would like to donate you can click the link below:


You can also purchase a 45 Kids T-Shirt with 50% of the proceeds going to the charity


Invite all your friends and family, this will be a really fun show!

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