25ThC – Forty Five Kings Collective – 75th Mix: An Eclectic Selection of 7’s

14 October 2021

Story By 25ThC…

I joined the Forty Five Kings Facebook group a couple of years ago and immediately found it to be a very friendly, supportive, and interesting community of like minded 45s DJ’s, producers and record label owners. 

Encouraged by Rob (Mr Lob) I submitted my first mix for the group which people seemed to like.

Seeing that there was a healthy interest in 45s I came up with the idea of 45 Day to take place on 04 May each year to celebrate the best musical format ever, the humble 7″ vinyl record.

A number of the group members took part and submitted mixes and it was a great success. You can find out more and check out all the mixes at fortyfiveday.com

I then started getting involved in live streams and suggested to Rob that he should set up a twitch channel for the Forty Five Kings and we should ask members to play on the channel.

There was so much interest from the members that we ended up right in the deep end with a 24 hour worldwide live stream which was a huge success. 

After this the itch to do more live streaming grew and we started a saturday morning show which became Coffee & Donuts which we host with Fatwax45. 

It celebrated its 1 Year Anniversary a few weeks ago and during that time we have put on 52 shows with 78 guest DJ’s. 

Thanks to each and every guest and viewer!
25ThC doing what he does best for the Coffee & Donuts 1 Year Anniversary Show!!!

Being a big fan of Reggae we then launched a monthly show called Reggae Fire.

Shortly after we launched we joined forces with WeeG and Sideshow Maule to make it part of Sunday 7’s.

This is to help raise awareness of men’s mental health and funds in aid of mental health charities where we have raised over £1000 so far.

Mark Lancaster has curated a few sessions and Jody Vandenburg has helped out with promotion, sets, and behind the scenes.

It also lead to me launching my talk show “Part of my Journey” which has featured members of the community talking about their lives, mental health, depression, anxiety, and more. 

On top of this I have run city, country, 45 Queens and 45 Kids live streams events which have shown the breadth and depth of 45s DJ’s from around the world, amazing record collections and the next generation of 45s DJ’s. 

Whilst I have been running the Twitch channel, Rob has been busy running the group, the website, collating mixes on Mixcloud, merchandise and much much more to help the group grow and blossom. 

I saw that we were reaching 75 Forty Five Kings mixes so having been born in 1975 I asked Rob if i could submit mix 75, he agreed and so here we are!

I have always had an eclectic musical taste and have listened to music from all different genres over the years.

Having run and watched hours and hours of live streams I have been introduced to even more genres and styles which I have increasingly added to my record collection.

Twitch has also allowed me the freedom to play exactly what I want with no dancefloor or venue owner to please.

This has meant that I have been able to dig deeper into my collection and curate eclectic selections of music and to allow the 45s to breathe and be heard in their totality. 

I therefore proudly present to you my third mix for the Forty Five Kings – An Eclectic Selection of 7s. 

I have not provided a tracklist or pictures of the 45s I used as I want to keep the element of surprise as one track finishes and the next starts.

The mix encompasses 45s new, old, classic and underground.

It spans re-versioned hip hop samples, crazy cool covers, film theme songs, UK, US and Brazilian hip hop, dub, brass, cumbia and more. 

Find yourself somewhere comfy to sit, put on your headphones or turn your stereo up loud, sit back with your favorite brew, relax and get lost in the music.

I hope you enjoy my selections.  

Criztoz – 14 October 2021


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