27 September 2021

#REPADL/Let’s GoSeven Sails Records

This is the 5th release on 7″ vinyl from this fantastic DIY Hip Hop Label out of Adelaide, South Australia run by Forty Five Kings Collective Member Biz Kawasaki, who has previously written a Feature Story for our website, about starting a Vinyl Record Label.

I am the proud owner of the first 4 Seven Sails vinyl 7″ releases and wrote a review of their previous 45 by Decades: Pen Hits The Paper.

Biz has reached out to me and asked if I would be keen to review this brand new 45 and how can you refuse such an offer?

I mean this is a label that runs in such a way that Biz says he is ‘Not in it for the cash, I’m in it for the wax’.

This music is made with heart, passion, skill, knowledge and blood sweat and tears.

It comes from artists, producers and a label head that are deep in the Australian Hip Hop game, that do it for real, that have deep crates and an infinite reserve of energy to keep fighting the good fight and repping their local scene, their city, their mates and their deep love of what is in their crates.

They live this and have for most of their lives.

For me both tracks are dope with as I have come to expect, great production and great sound.

I dig the out front raps and dope lyrics.

To me this release is a clear demonstration of peeps deep in the game, who believe deeply in the craft.

It truthfully took me awhile to get into Oz Hip Hop but this is world class and I love the local Adelaide focus and the vocal interplay.

The Test Press!

This release has received the usual high standard of production, including Artwork from TWC Studio and multiple coloured vinyl variations that we have come to expect from SEVENsails records.

#REPADL has just gone live and rumour tells me there will be a few wax colours available but right now you can Pre Order the ‘Frog Rocker Green’.

PS: No frogs were harmed in the making of this record FYI – Frog Cake is a balfours product that in recognition of its cultural significance, in 2001 the Frog Cake was listed as a South Australian Heritage Icon by the National Trust of South Australia.



From the opening tones and scratches, I knew this was going to be a showcase for this crew.

They don’t do anything by halves and this crew comes with bars upon bars.

For me, it really takes it back to where hip hop started and what it is about, that DIY ethic combined with a deep desire to share your world, your streets and your city with those both inside and outside it.

This is localising Hip Hop and making it your their own, a reflection of the artists experiences combined with their lyrical dexterity and lived experience.

We are talking about a group of MCs, Djs, Producers and Record Collectors steeped in classic, golden era and Aussie Hip Hop, with a producer that knows what he wants to achieve, so all of these elements make this track superb

The wordplay is on point and alongside the top notch production, this track is one the whole crew should be proud of.

Order Here!!

Side 2: Let’s Go

I joined the ride straight away.

See I like hip hop made not just to dance to but that takes a downtempo groove and puts conscious lyrics out the front, the kind that makes you stop and start the track to hear that rap one more time, so you can digest it in small pieces.

A head nodder of the highest order, one to turn up loud in the car, sit lower and go, you coming…

Make sure you get on and Order this and any other of the Label’s 45s, you can’t go wrong!

Thanks To Biz for the opportunity to write this review.

Mr Lob