The Forty Five Kings Present Deejay Leeroy (Mix 2).

Leeroy has this to say about his mix…

Like most DJs (I imagine) one of the things that drew me to djing is the idea of blending two songs together and making something new – and dropping an acapella over an instrumental is one way of getting there. And it’s fun – like playing with music.

This mix started life as a 15 minute set for 45 Raiders in December 2020 – and now it’s an hour of blends, some old favourites and some surprising combinations. Acapellas over instrumentals blended with two turntables and a mixer – all apart from the very last tune plus some odd bits here and there to aid the flow of the mix. A little rough round the edges but fun to do and, I hope, fun to listen to.

Acapellas on 7 inch are few and far between and hunting them down is all part of the fun, that said, a good amount of them in this mix are from the excellent ‘Sausage Fingaz’ series – so I want to give props to DJ DSK for his work in putting those together.

I hope you enjoy – and if anyone puts out a bootleg/edit 45 with any of these blends on – I’ll gladly accept free double copies for being the inspiration 😛

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