16 August 2021

Altered Tapes – Heart of the Groove b/w King Most – This Ain’t No Game

The Review

Side 1: Altered Tapes – Heart of the Groove (Ecstatic B-Boy Remix)

Well to say this is a huge break and one of the biggest tracks of all time, in that we all know the Groove Is In The Heart track and know that the original concept is built from Herbie Hancock’s ‘Bring Down The Birds’, doesn’t change the fact that this is one percussive monster and that if possible, they’ve brought Herbie’s jazz back into the track.

For me the highlight is when the breakdown of Groove Is In The Heart moves into Ray Barretto’s ‘Right On’ without missing a beat, giving you the feel that this was always the way it was meant to sound.

I love how Altered Tapes has extended sections and added the Dee-Lite vocal loop, making this one hell of a beat monster that will fit into any party breaks or hip hop set and even those prone to disco!

In many ways this track sounds familiar and all the good bits have been retained, extended, broken down and mixed with Ray Barreto’s classic ‘Right On’ breaks, but like I’ve said before, the goal here I think with Heat Rock Records releases, is to bring together many of the finest elements that have sustained many a dance floor, mix and party for many a year and put them together in a way that makes the whole party happen in one track!

For anyone that likes to rock a set of 45s old school hip hop style, this track is going to touch many bases, as it’s funky, has extended breakdowns to cut, juggle, scratch and toast over and is made for those who like to get down!

This will also get the dance floor going and hands in the air is compulsory for this one, I’d get doubles and do it real fast…

Side 2: King Most – This Ain’t No Game (Go! Go! Go!)

I was pretty much instantly sold on this from the opening horn break to the bongo breakdown and then once I heard Chubb Rock’s ‘Treat Em Right’ sample kick in, I couldn’t get my money out any faster!

From there it got even better as the Love Thang acapella seamlessly joined the funky commotion and I was under its spell big time.

This is just one soulful, funky and phat bassline driven disco bomb.

It will bring the sun out on a rainy day and wake up a dormant dance floor!

Another Party Classic…

As many of you know, I’m keen on mashups, edits and remixes that carry the funky soul flame forward while adding a hip hop ascetic that brings it up to date, gets added to dj crates and is there as part of a djs ‘party atmosphere’ and both of these tracks do just that.

One thing you can guarantee with a Heat Rock Records release is high quality production, old school flavours and a real focus on combining the best in hip hop with the best in funk, soul and disco and with this release they have done it yet again!

Even better, as we have come to expect with Heat Rock Releases, you get 2 bombs on one 45, which makes it great value for money and gives you 2 pieces of dance floor fire on one release.

Get doubles!


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Reviewed by Mr Lob

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