What’s Happening This Week – 7 July 2021

7 July 2021


Join us this Saturday for ‘Coffee & Donuts on our Twitch TV Channel. Hosted by Mr Lob, 25ThC & Fatwax45 with Special Guests this week KUTCLASS & CONSTANCE K!!!

The whole idea is to share our love of 45s with you all, have a chat in the chat room and just play and share beautiful music with you on the best format there is!

Get it in your diaries, this will be a not to be missed show.


Join us this Sunday 13 JUNE 2021 for the 2nd episode of our new monthly ‘BRIGHT AS THE SUN – JAZZ EXCURSIONS ON 45’ LIVE STREAM SHOW HOSTED BY MARK LANCASTER, MR LOB, FATWAX45 & WEEG.

The whole idea is to share our love of Jazz 45s with you all, have a chat in the chat room and just play and share beautiful music with you on the best format there is!

Our first show was a great launch with lots of people loving the whole vibe and raving about the selections and we know they are awaiting this Sunday’s show eagerly!

We know that the Selectors for sure have been looking even deeper into their Jazz crates…


Hi All, as many of you know it takes a lot of time, energy and calling in favours to run The Forty Five Kings Collective Facebook group and Website and there are some costs involved for the Logos, Merchandise, Artwork and Hosting and running thefortyfivekings.com

Last year we held a very successful Raffle in our Facebook group that paid for this website to be built, launched and hosted, as well as supported the purchase of Mixcloud and Hearthis Pro accounts to host our mixes.

It really blew our mind that Sponsors and members would get behind us and help us do this and it’s grown beyond our imaginations but yeah the costs are ongoing and people have been asking if we were going to do a Raffle this year and we thought why not and reached out to Sponsors once again and have managed to secure a huge lineup of great prizes for our 2021 Raffle!!

We also through our Sunday 7s affiliation will be donating 30% of Proceeds Raised from Ticket Sales to Movember. So you will not only be supporting us but a wonderful Charity plus be in the running for some amazing prizes!!!!

The Raffle will be drawn during our 2nd Anniversary LiveStream: https://fb.me/e/NdmEUfw9

Raffle Tickets are Now Available for US$5.00/UK£3.60/AU$6.60 (you can pay in one of these currencies) each via PayPal – Friends and Family:



Thanks so much to the incredibly generous Sponsors, the prizes are amazing!

We have 2 Major Prize Packs and a 45 Kids Prize!!

We are still accepting donations until 20 July 2021 and hope to get to a 4th Prize Pack & to add some more items to our Kids Prize.

Thanks for all who support what we do and also our chosen Charity – Movember.

Remember you got to be in it to win it!


The Forty Five Kings Present ScottieBoyUk (Mix 3)

Scottie has this to say about his mix:

The Forty Five Kings have kindly invited me back to spin some of my treasured 45s again, unfortunately most are in storage but I grabbed a few boxes and luckily came across, some new Soul, laced with Rare Groove and played with some of my signature madcap beats towards the end!

I’ve got to say that Keb Darge introduced me to the madder sevens well over 20 years ago, we went to see him, yes he does have a piss pot, a few times, just mad and truly brilliant all I can say is Spunky Onions!

If you listen then you will find out!

Thanks to the team and hopefully, just like Arnie “I’ll be back”

We know you’ll be back and this mix is the reason why!

2 Year Anniversary – 25 July 2021

As we rapidly approach the 2 year anniversary of The Forty Five Kings starting out with our Facebook group, we have planned a very Special Nonstop 13 Hour Live Stream Event on our Twitch Channel to celebrate who we are, what we do and how we do it!

We are bringing you a lineup of fantastic djs, from our fellow Forty Five Kings & Queens to Twitch Stars and Dj Legends.

Already Announced Dj D-Cow, Tom Showtime & Mr Lob!!!

STARS ON 45!!!!

This is a new section where we share with you pics of people representing The Forty Five Kings & Queens.

We really appreciate the support and that people are getting behind us and see value in what we do.

Our goal is to have a sustainable website, one that is interesting, worth visiting and signing up to the newsletter for, however, that all takes time, effort and yes, money.

All merchandise sales go into helping us become sustainable and continue to put time into this, so thank you so much and here are this week’s ‘STARS ON 45’.

Big shouts to Triple D, Mark Lancaster and Dj Justin Joy, looking fresh fellas!!!


We have released a Brand New Tshirt to celebrate our 2 Year Anniversary!

Designed by Chrispop out of Germany, who has designed many of our Live Stream Posters, this is a great design and available in a number of colours and sizes!


Fatwax45 is producing a range of killer Forty Five Kings 7″ Slipmats for those who like to rock 45s on real slippy mats.

£17 Per Pair Plus Postage.

Contact Fatwax45 if you would like to order a pair.


As requested by our Co-Founder Fatwax45 we have released a brand new range of Clothing made by CHAMPION in our ‘SINCE 2019’ range, all featuring the new logo Embroidered in a very tasteful manner!

Check Em Out Here

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