The Forty Five Kings Present Will Class.

Will has this to say about his mix:

“I don’t DJ for a living, I play out when & where I can purely for fun & beer.

Nowadays as a 45 year old 45 collector, I am more likely to be playing Hiphop, Soul & Reggae.

However, a massive part of my musical story is early Rave & Jungle.

I wouldn’t be the man I am today if it wasn’t for the rave/free party scene in the 90s.

In celebration of that, this is a light-hearted, ruff & ready reminder of my youth in early 90s UK.”

We think for this one you need to push the furniture back, dig out the glow sticks, baggy pants, furry hats and stock up on king size rizzlas and go crazy!

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Stay safe and well.