A Short History of The Forty Five Kings by Mr Lob

6 July 2021
Mr Lob!

I’m not even sure where to begin but what I do know is that we have achieved a lot in our short 2 year history and we have encapsulated everything we have done and are doing right here, on our wonderful website.

I’ll try to cover as much as possible in this story but really it’s all on this website!

We have released 68 incredibly good member mixes, done hundreds of live streams with countless incredible guests.

A huge thank you to all who have played on our live streams and to those who tune in and support. You can find an archive of hundreds of these Dj Videos on our website!

We have been lucky enough to do interviews with some of the biggest and best djs and collectors out there, as well as seen our ‘Stories About Records‘ interviews be really well supported and have also released some fantastic ‘Feature Stories‘ to our website.

We are now being contacted by artists and labels to write Reviews of releases on 45 and associated products and have launched an amazing and super cool range of Merchandise that lots of people are loving and that are helping us to be sustainable as a website and group.

We also run 3 Instagram accounts that have garnered a really healthy following as well as having our mixes on multiple platforms like Mixcloud, Hearthis, Tunein, Stitcher and Pocketcasts and have built a healthy following and listener base for these.

There are so many to thank for making The Forty Five Kings what we are and helping us grow and become the friendly and successful group and website we are.

Fatwax45 – Grimsby’s Finest !

A huge shoutout to my partner and co-founder Fatwax45 for starting this with me after I took the idea to him to start a Facebook group and Mixcloud page to release mixes.

We were both looking to be a part of a group that focused on the 45 format, rather than the size, rarity and value of a collection, that steered away from being genre specific, was a welcoming place and made links between all the people we knew were into the format, so in the end we started our own!

We wanted to have all types of people in our group, from bedroom masters, to deep collectors, those who played one genre and to those who played it all and we wanted to link with labels, producers, djs, groups and record sellers who loved and supported the format like we do.

I think we’ve succeeded with this and while people come and go and disagreements arise (we’re all passionate types!), we remain a friendly and welcoming place that provides a well acknowledged platform across multiple formats to share your passion and gain acknowledgement for it.

The Facebook group continues to grow, we are building a passionate and loyal audience for what we do and we are just blown away by the support we receive.

Having Fatwax45 doing this with me and his support, advice, suggestions and experience has made it all very possible.

Fatwax45 did fantastic work on building our name with our earlier merchandise, logos and now our super cool 7″ slipmats and drink coasters.

However, for me it is having the privilege to watch and listen to his amazing dj sets and for sharing his crazy good record collection with us!


Next, to Criztoz Crizto aka 25ThC and 45 Day, for his work on our Twitch Channel, including playing, representing, booking guests, organising the Coffee & Donuts, Reggae Fire, 45 Kids and Country & Live Stream Special lineups as well as curating the chat and so much more.

This has seen our following grow to over 2000 and an eager audience tuning in each time we play and a fantastic lineup of guests who have already played and are still to come. Criztoz Crizto is a tireless and passionate member, friend and creator of his own platform and website https://fortyfiveday.com/

Besides these shows we have the monthly Bright As The Sun – Jazz Excursions on 45 live stream show and we are seeing lots of our members building their own twitch channels and followings and appearing as guests on lots of other raid shows as well as running their own shows.

We love seeing our logo and the 45 format represented in these stream shows.

A big thank you to all who represent!

On the design front we have had amazing support from some real talented members such as Chrispop who has designed many of our live stream posters, including the 2nd Anniversary Poster that is also available on tshirts! He’s also a fine dj and will be appearing on the lineup for our 2nd Anniversary Live Stream Special.

Mr Poynter designed our amazing Coffee & Donuts weekly flier as well as our Since 2019 & Forty Five Queens logos, which have been a huge success. He’s also a dope dj and producer.

1Opium designed our Wildstyle Logo that has been a real popular print on tshirts and now our 7″ slipmats. Check out his artwork and show him some support.

Our first logos, tshirts and hoodies were designed by the wonderful We Are Walt.

Criztoz Crizto and myself have also designed various posters such as Reggae Fire, Bright As The Sun, Hump Day 45s and Sunday 7s.

Dj D-Cow

A huge thank you to Dj D-Cow for all the technical support on our website, twitch streaming guides, his dj sets and the endless hours he has spent on the phone with me working through tech issues.

The website would not be what it is without him and I personally could not have fought my way through numerous twitch streaming issues without his knowledge, support and patience.

We are also pleased that he will be the first Dj on our 2nd Anniversary Live Stream Special on Sunday 25 July 2021.

Also a shoutout to Shan Frenzie for the website support, incredible mix and deeper conversations!

A big thank you to the following people for interviews and feature stories:

Marc Hype, 45 LivePete Isaac & Greg Belson, Chrome+, Marky Newby, Criztoz Crizto, Rebecca Vasmant, DJ Honey, DJ D, Eric Obliveus, DJ Bacon, Biz Kawasaki, The Allergies, Lesley Farfisa, Jody VandenBurg, Fraulein Freakbeat, Skeme Richards, Babs Van Der Mean, Triple D, Dan Phelan, Scottie Somerville, Mister Salt, T2Funk and Paul Gamblin!

We’d also like to shoutout those who go that extra mile to support what we do and are heavily involved in many things we do.

So bigups to the following living legends: WeeG, Sideshow Maule, Mark Lancaster, Jody VandenBurg, Paul Pitt, Triple D, Frankie Fortyfive, Marc Hype, Adrian Finch, David Latte, Anthony Craughwell, Lee Durrant, Nick Dsk Wang, Dr Diggns, Mark James from Soul45 and Scottie Somerville.

Truly though we want to thank each and everyone that has been part of what we do, whether that be through sponsoring our raffle last year and again this year, buying a raffle ticket, streaming for us, doing an interview, providing a mix, starting a thread, contributing to a thread, sharing music and links, introducing people to what we do, asking us to write a review, sending me music, buying a tshirt, cap, hoodie, slipmats or sweatshirt, representing us with our logo on your mixes and stream screens, doing a design, offering your services, support and assistance and for sharing the great love you have for the 45 format with us!

We hope to see lots and lots of you in the chat room for our 2nd Anniversary on 25 July and becoming more active in the group, featuring as guests on our twitch and mixcloud channels, being interviewed and doing what you do best, throwing down 45s!

For me it has been an immense privilege to be able to do this and see it become what it is.

It means the world to me and I put everything I can into it, to keep the content interesting, engaging and involve as many as I can, so be sure to sign up for our Newsletter to stay up to date with all the happenings!

Thanks for your time.

Rob DjLob Steer