What’s Happening This Week – 2 June 2021

2 June 2021

Stories About Records Featuring Lesly Farfisa out of Hamburg, Germany.

We have just released the 14th interview in our super popular ‘Stories About Records’ series put together by Mr Lob, this time featuring collective member Lesly Farfisa. It’s a fantastic read and story, delive in here:

New Mix!!! The Forty Five Kings Present Lesley Farfisa

Not only have we done an interview with Lesley, he has also provided us one hell of a funky mix. Superbly played, selected and built. Don’t miss this one and share it wide with pride!

Coffee & Donuts: Saturday 5 June 2021

This week we host some of our favourite djs and Forty Five Queens, Fraulein Freakbeat & Dj Honey!!!

We are super excited about this show and these fantastic guests and we’re sure that the hosts Mr Lob, 25ThC and Fatwax45 will bring their A game!

Tune in on Twitch this Saturday.

Ace Of Raids: Saturday 5 June 2021

Join us this Saturday straight after Coffee & Donuts for ‘ACE OF RAIDS’ hosted by 45 Day, as our members Mr Lob, 25ThC & SIDESHOW MAULE are joined by THE SUNDAY GETDOWN for this weekly raid show.

The whole idea is to share the love of 45s with you all, while spreading the love and audience by raiding to the next dj in the line up!

To hang out and have a chat in the chat room and just play and share beautiful music with you on the best format there is!

Bright As The Sun – Jazz Excursions On 45: Sunday 13 June 2021

We are very excited to give you an introduction to a new monthly live stream event launching on Sunday 13 June 2021 featuring the very aptly named ‘The Jazz Hobblers’ who are Mark Lancaster, Mr Lob, Fatwax45 & WeeG.

This will be a 4 hour show taking place the 2nd Sunday of each month and will be all about Jazz, Jazz infused and Jazz influenced sounds on 45.

So if you’re a Jazz head or just like plain good music played well by selectors with deep crates and an even deeper love of the Jazz genres, then this will be the show for you.

All taking place on the Forty Five Kings Twitch Channel.

Get it in your diaries, this will be a not to be missed show.

Since 2019 & Forty Five Queens Merchandise Range

We want to say a huge thank you to those who have got behind, supported and ordered our brand new ‘Since 2019’ & ‘The Forty Five Queens’ Merchandise range.

Dj Suspect out of France, repping in one of our new ‘Since 2019’ tshirts

It’s great to see the packages slowly arriving and the orders coming in.

We use really good quality tshirts, sweatshirts and hoodies made by Gildan that are medium weight and wash well and in our experience the digital prints are great quality and last!

Our Embroidered Caps are also really good quality!

We are very proud of the fact that we have managed to grow so much in just under 2 years and that we are starting to become self sustainable as a website.

All proceeds made go back into hosting and growing this website and sending merchandise out to those who support us directly through doing designs, posters, website development and represent us in streams.

If you’d like some of our Merch please use the Discount Code: Kings_45 for a 10% discount!!!

Thanks again for your support!!