The Allergies – Move On Baby/Are You Ready

26 June 2021

The Allergies – Move On Baby/Are You Ready – Jalapeno Records

Truthfully it’s very hard to review something you know that people are already going crazy for and have ordered in droves.

They only dropped the ‘Official’ video for Move On Baby on Youtube yesterday and it has already had over 1.5k views, so combined with the pre-release video released a week ago, they are already smashing it with the views.

I can also see lots of posts about this new 45 amongst the 45 Collecting community in the Forty Five Kings Facebook group and all over Instagram, so I know this is already a sure fire hit!

However, when you are approached by Jalapeno Records to Review one of their releases, not only is this an honour but a real opportunity to share even further the deep love we have here in the Kings for the 45 format and those labels, producers and groups who keep this vital part of the culture alive.

It’s kind of been a big week here on our website and in our Facebook group as we have been celebrating and sharing The Allergies music and words with our current mix which The Allergies put together for us, released in conjunction with an interview with them for our Stories About Records series where Rackabeat from The Allergies has chosen their brand new release ‘Move On’ as his most cherished 45.

The Allergies

By my count this is the 17th release on 45 by The Allergies for Jalapeno Records with pretty much all sold out or just a handful left.

I own 6 of these 45 releases and also have The Allergies ‘Felony’ 45, released as part of the Jalapeno Records: Two Decades of Funk Fire 7″ Boxset.

To say I’m a fan and would love to own all of their 45s is somewhat of an understatement.

So yeah, this may be a very biased Review but they’re the best type right!

Now to the the new release!


Side A: Move On Baby

From the opening horn break I was sold!

I’m a big Latin fan so when combined with percussive drum breaks, phat bass and that hot hot hot Latin party vibe, I know this is going to get any room sweaty that likes to dance, break, uprock, pop n lock or alternatively lose it at the bar and drop your umbrella laced cocktail in the rush to shake what your mammasita gave you!

This brought instant heat into a cold and wet Melbourne day and is going to be burning up dance floors, living rooms, bedrooms and backyard bbqs all summer in the northern hemisphere and is going to burn bright for any 45s dj who likes to get their audience up and moving.

It’s got all the elements that The Allergies are known for, timeless production, big sounds, deep knowledge of how to mix and meld sounds to rock a dancefloor, a dj set and bring some real fire to any party.

I love the breakdowns and vocal shout outs and really this is a continuation of The Allergies love affair with Latin sounds as previously heard on their 45 releases, Rile EM Up & Let Them Know and their recent Latin Mix for our website where they included Move On Baby.

This is a definite must in any djs crate, so don’t hesitate, wait or let it gestate, just get on it mate!

Get the Fire Right Here!

Side 2: Are You Ready featuring Andy Cooper and Marietta Smith

I keep saying this in reviews, but when I buy or get sent a 45 I have always made a habit of listening to both sides and most of us collectors and djs would know that many an undiscovered gem lies here in.

In the case of The Allergies every side they release is a sure fire crate filler and instant classic.

These guys are party djs, they’ve toured extensively and they play 45s in their sets, so it’s smart and fan focused to provide 2 bombs on every release and I personally love them for it!

To say that their collaborations with Andy Cooper go together as well as red beans and rice, or a Dj with an MC, explains that they were born for each other and this track is the reason why!

As Andy Cooper raps on this track ‘Come See The Group with the Good Reviews’.

I can’t say this enough, but this is a sure fire funky slab of wax.

Killer flows from Andy Cooper and sweet soulful vocal stabs and background vocals from Marietta Cooper, only make the funkiness, funkier!

Nice drops of the ‘Ready Or Not’ vocal sample, on point scratching and oh those breakdowns have me smiling for days and dancing like I’m 15 again.

Go get it, buy doubles and prepare to dance!

The Allergies have their own Bandcamp page and I would get on this super quick as it, like all their 45s sells out fast and then goes for big money in the 2nd hand market…

Are You Ready?

Get the Fire Right Here!

Thanks To Michel M from Jalapeno Records for the opportunity to write this review.

Mr Lob

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