Stories About Records – Lesley Farfisa

1 June 2021

Welcome to the 14th interview in our series, ‘Stories About Records’ where we ask our members and some of our favourite Djs about their most cherished 45. 

This is not about perceived or discogs monetary value but personal value that is tied up in memories, stories, love, loss, life, family and a passion for this particular 7″ vinyl record.

We want to know what the record is, what it sounds like and why it is so important to you. 

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Now to the interview and it’s great to present Lesley Farfisa from Hamburg-St Pauli, Germany.

Firstly, tell us about yourself as a Dj and Collector of 45s, how long have you been playing and collecting, why 45s, what was the first 45 you were given and also the first 45 you bought? Do you still have them?

My name is Lesley Farfisa and I am 45 (best year to tell my age). I’ve been dj-ing for about twenty years, using Albums and CDs, but started collecting and playing 45s about 5 years ago.

Why so late, you ask? Most of my colleagues started collecting 20 years ago and I saw no sense in opening a pandora’s box while prices are up and the cool stuff is hard to find. 

Until that fateful Sunday Flea Market…  

It was totally boring and while I was waiting for my girl, I was going through two little boxes of 45s just out of curiosity.

The first one I found was Hellacopters – Everything Is On TV.

“Cool, I didn’t expect something like that on 45.”

Little did I know.

I pulled about 20 out of these 2 boxes, and from that day on I was hooked.

Luckily I managed to get my wife hooked as well, otherwise I couldn’t have managed to justify the immense amount of money spent on 45s. 

The first 45 I ever bought was AC/DC – Thunderstruck in 1990.

It’s not alive anymore due to teenage rampage reasons. 

What is your most cherished 45? Why is it so important to you? What is it’s story (label, year, artist, musicians), where did it come from? Is the B-Side any good?

My beloved holy grail is RUDI – BIG TIME.

It came out in 1978 as the first ever release on Terry Hooley’s label Good Vibrations, who later put out The Undertones’ famous song Teenage Kicks.

That label’s story is told in the wonderful feelgood-movie “Good Vibrations”, which I highly recommend! 

Since I’ve been collecting 45s in various genres from Hiphop to Soul, from Metal to Punkrock (and more), I totally fell in love with this song when I saw that movie.

There you can see, how the band and Hooley hand folded the copied covers and put the records in to send them out. This is the reason why I definitely wanted the original first press.

I was looking for it for about 2 years, but whenever it popped up, it was financially absolutely out of reach.

So when I saw one mint copy in the UK for nearly half of THE usual price on Discogs, there was no second thought. Literally! 

I remember closing my eyes while pressing the button, pushing the second thought away. 

About 5 weeks later (Royal Mail really is a drag), I finally held it in my hands. It was broken. 

A crack from inlet groove to outlet groove. I was devastated.

I immediately contacted the seller and he was really helpful.

I sent some photos and he called the insurance.

Long story short, I got my money back and he let me keep the record. 

So this 45 is my most valuable and the same time the cheapest one. 

Ready for the happy ending? 

If I put it very firmly on the player and carefully even out with my finger, it plays perfectly and sounds great!

I do so all the time and play it in every suitable set. 

Did I forget something? Yeah! 

The flipside is a smasher, too! 

Thanks Lesley for the interview and great story related to finding your copy!

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