Private Stock Records – PSR003

18 June 2021


DJ Zimmie – Butter Pecan Ricans/Double A – Dr. Jawn – Private Stock Records

This is the 3rd release on 7″ vinyl from this Label that has become a favourite for many, with all releases selling out pretty much straight away attesting to that fact.

I own the first 2 releases and they featured heavily in my sets over summer here in Melbourne and they went down a treat. I’m talking both sides of both 45s garnered attention from my audience when I played them and I have heard them in many mixes and live stream shows.

If you dig hip hop, boogie, funk, soul and high quality production where all these elements are thrown into the mix, you know what I’m talking about.

These fit in there with the releases from Dusty Donuts and Jim Sharp and you know these are made by djs and producers with skill and deep record crates.

Anyone who knows me, knows I like it funky and soulful with a strong hip hop element, so for me these work. I’m always prone to a good edit, remix and mashup when done tastefully and well.

Now to the the new release!


Side A: DJ Zimmie – Butter Pecan Ricans

Just a Snippet Of The Goodness!

From that opening and familiar break from the classic track ‘Puerto Rico’, to that familiar baseline and guitar lick from 3 is the Magic Number if I am not mistaken (I could be!), it’s like yo, I’ve heard this before, but have you and in this way on a 45?

I don’t think the goal here is to come up with something completely original but it is to provide a party weapon for a 45s Dj crate, to get or keep that floor rocking, to have another funky breaks bomb for the poppers and lockers and for a dj who’s got the skills to pay the bills, to juggle, scratch and smash doubles.

Is this a bomb, will it rock a d-floor who have their ear on the breaks and classic sounds, absolutely.

Do I recommend you buy it, yep, I will be!

Prepare to dance is all I can say…

Side 2: Double A – Dr. Jawn

Just a Snippet Of The Goodness!

I’ve said this previously in a review, but when I buy or get sent a 45 I have always made a habit of listening to both sides and most of us collectors and djs would know that many an undiscovered gem lies here in.

Knowing the short history of this label, I know both sides are going to be good, I mean they do this so you buy doubles and so as the saying goes it’s all killer and no filler, smart hey and even if you buy just 1 copy, you get 2 bangers!

For this B Side, Double A steps up to the plate. Double A came to my attention as a Dj/Producer releasing 45s with his recent cut ‘Don’t Sweat It’ on Mountain 45s and if you heard that you know you are in for a slice of classic funky goodness.

Make no mistake he repeats that feat with this sample from Dr John’s ‘Right Place Wrong Time’ with some vocal drops from Steady B’s ‘Serious’.

Big on drums, samples and well timed rap drops, this will also get the floor going and keep it going.

Djs who juggle are going to love this!

Make sure you get on and Order from Dr Diggins when it drops this Friday, June 18th at 12.00pm Pacific Time and 5am Saturday Australian Time

Thanks To Dr Diggns for the opportunity to write this review.

Mr Lob

Australia/South Pacific

If you’re in Australia or the South Pacific Dr Diggns is the local stockist and his prices and inventory are excellent.

You can Pre Order this from him right now.

Truthfully the good Dr has been saving Australian Djs a bundle on postage and tax over the past couple of years.

He also ships internationally and stocks a whole bunch of other Labels such as Dusty Donuts and Private Stock Records, as well as a great lineup of Japanese used 45s and cool Merchandise.


Private Stock Records has their own Bandcamp page where they release limited numbers of each release in various colours which are like always instantly sold out.

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